dhb Jersey Bin


The dhb Jersey Bin is just too good not to tell you about!  They say best ideas are the simple ones, well they don’t get much more simple than this – a re-sealable, lightweight, waterproof bag that keeps your valuables safe from rain or perspiration.


dhb Jersey Bin


Gone are the days when you have to wrap your mobile in a plastic bag, you can now put it into this clear bag, seal it up and drop it into the back pocket of your jersey and then enjoy the ride – simples!  If you need to, you can see who’s calling through the clear vinyl and touch screen phones can even be used without removing them, so you can make and receive calls.


The bag opens lengthways, which makes it easy to get things in or out and the plastic is super durable - it looks like it will last and last, but when you have done with it, it is recyclable – what’s not to like? We’ve been feeling quite smug riding around with ours in our back pocket, because it is the little things that matter.


At £2.69 it is a wonderfully functional bargain. 


Size: 17.8cm x  9.5cm

Colour: Ultra clear vinyl

Price: £2.60

Website: www.wiggle.co.uk


Performance 9/10

Value 9/10


Tested by Janet Birkmyre



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