dhb Ladies Aeron Race 3/4 Bib Short


The clocks may have gone back, but we are not digging out all our winter gear just yet, because there are still days when the weather is kind enough for us not to need the really heavy layers.  That said, the knees will always benefit from being covered at this time of year and so we have been enjoying the dhb Ladies Aeron Race three quarter length bibs.


dhb Ladies Aeron Race 3/4 Cycling Bib Short


Perfect for mild early winter days, for spin classes and turbo sessions at home.  We have also been wearing them in the velodrome, because we love the style and the fit.  The anatomical cut feels like a second skin, a feeling that is heightened by the mild compression fit of the garment, which is made from an Italian performance stretch fabric, with flatlock seams and the silicone gripper at the bottom keeps them perfectly in place, without you feeling like they have you in a death grip.


In fact we have been increasing impressed with the kit we have had from the dhb brand.  Don’t be fooled into thinking this “own label” brand is short on the quality or features that you would expect from the big brands.  The pad is a great example of the no compromise attitude, the Elastic Interface ’Speed Air’ chamois has been designed to give great comfort, with just the right amount of padding in all the right places, it is stretchy to allow for movement and it is highly breathable too.  We have found it very comfortable on longer rides and when riding on the drops in the velodrome and it is showing no signs of wear yet either.


The bib’s are black with a white line that runs from the waist to the bottom of the leg, becoming wider towards the bottom and this simple feature adds some real style.


Another thoughtful touch is that the braces and abdominal area are made from a mesh fabric containing a carbon fibre.  This helps to regulate body temperature and reduce stress on the body compared to more conventional fabrics.  The science we can’t comment on, but after some serious hours in the saddle, we give these bibs a big thumbs up.  They say they are designed for the serious cyclist, we say we’re worth it, regardless of how seriously we take our cycling!


Really the only downer we can find is that, like most performance fabrics, they are supposed to be washed at 30 degrees, add this to the recommendation that soiled clothing should not be left unwashed and we are left wondering quite how we manage that…


Overall we loved them, the fit and the styling mean that these 3/4 bibs that look and feel the business, but they come without a frightening price tag.


Sizes: 8,10,12,14,16

Colour: Black/white

Price: £47.74

Website: www.wiggle.co.uk


Performance: 8/10

Value: 9/10


Tested by Janet Birkmyre



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