dhb Ladies Turbulence Windproof Cycling Jacket


The dhb Turbulence Windproof Jacket is a well-cut shell, with a flattering shape and cleverly thought-out features.  


dhb Turbulence Windproof Jacket 


Overall, it is a useful jacket for riding or running; the nylon breathable fabric is just enough to keep the chill off, or even to ward off a light shower, without leaving you with the plastic “boil-in-the-bag feel” of heavier waterproofs.  A really good between-seasons buy, or it can be layered over something warmer for dry winter rides.


The breathable nylon fabric is surprisingly tough and has shown no signs of wear despite the considerable abuse we gave it during testing.  The fleece lined collar gives a close fit at the neck, while the stretchy taping is comfortable on the hips and combined with the thick elastic cuffs, which sit snugly on the wrists, there are no unwanted drafts.


The cut is slim, so the jacket is not designed to be worn over too many heavy base layers, but the arms are a good length and snug-fitting, which on the down side, makes them a bit hard to roll up. However, the jacket is well vented, with a flap at the back and mesh in the underarm sections.


There is reflective piping on both shoulders, down both sides at the back and the dhb logo is also reflective, so it catches the light from pretty much all angles.  There is also a useful roomy zipped pocket at the back, with an internal coin pocket and it holds its shape even when this pocked is stuffed with sweets and tools, oh and a bit of chocolate too!


At only £40.49 the dhb Turbulence jacket is a good choice for a windproof all rounder.  The drop-tail hem isn’t as aggressively angled as some might like on a road bike, but it is just right for the more upright position of a commuting bike or mountain biking and also for running, where the angle is perfectly adequate for a bit of bum-coverage to keep those kidneys warm.


A simple and well-cut windproof, and a well priced all rounder.

Sizes: 8,10,12,14,16

Colour: grey, red

Price: £40.49

Website: dhb-ladies-turbulence-windproof-cycling-jacket


Performance 7/10

Value 8/10


Tested by Fi Spotswood



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