Rapha Winter Embrocation


Embrocation is great for riding or racing in winter. Legs can take a while to warm up and rubbing some of this warming, spicy muscle-rub into the skin before you start will speed up the process. According to some cyclocrossers, embrocation is a ‘jar of win’.


Rapha Winter Embrocation


Super-elite company Rapha has joined other makers of liniment to produce this delicious smelling balm, which is apparently inspired by the smell of spices and herbs on Mont Ventoux.


It might be pricey, but you wouldn’t expect anything less from Rapha, and it really does do the job. With three warming agents; winter green, capsicum and vanilla, the delicious smell intensifies as your muscles warm up and it provides a very satisfying ‘burn’ which seems to last around six hours. It certainly smells and feels like it works, and unlike other embrocation creams we have tried, does not scold you when you hit the shower post-ride.


Do avoid rubbing your eyes after applying it, though. Yep, we’ve learned that the hard way!


The classy black jars would make for perfect presents for cycling buddies and with the Rapha logo, they’ll know you care!


Spicy but pricey embrocation


Sizes: 125ml

Price: £20

Website: http://www.rapha.cc/rapha-embrocation-1


Performance 8/10

Value 7/10


Tested by Fi Spotswood



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