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Rapha now produce a range of skin-care products including embrocation (reviewed here) and a chamois cream.  With a reputation for being super-premium – Rapha are surely the Häagen-Dazs of the cycling world – we were confident that this cream would perform well and we were not disappointed.


rapha chamois cream pot


We believe chammy cream is an absolute essential for any ride, regardless of the quality of the pad in the shorts.  A nasty saddle sore can put you out of action for days – we know, we’ve been there, it wasn't nice!  Let’s be honest, saddles put pressure on bits of us that were never really designed to support our weight, sometimes for hours at a time, with bumps along the trail or road adding to the potential for damage.  There is also a possibility of chafing in places we really don’t need to be chafed as a result of the pressure, impact and pedalling action.


Clearly a cream applied to the shorts pad or direct onto the body is a good idea, but not all chammy creams offer the same level of protection.  Predictably, however, Rapha have ticked all the boxes in terms of our expectations from a good quality cream.  It is wonderfully moisturising and so will prevent the skin from drying out, but it does not just soak into the skin or pad, it actually forms a protective layer that continues to lubricate the bits that might otherwise chafe for hours on end.  In addition, it includes lavender and lemon, both natural antiseptics that help to keep any irritations at bay.  They have thoughtfully also include a little bit of menthol which words to keep the skin cool. 


rapha chamois cream text


Open up the pot and enjoy the delicious smell – an all natural fragrance apparently inspired by the herbs and spices that grow on the slopes of Mont Ventoux, the legendary mountain in Provence - and it feels good enough to use as a moisturiser.  Immediately after application, we felt a mild, not unpleasant tingling, and then you really don't notice it, although the cooling effect could still be felt as we stepped into the shower.


It is quite a think cream, which we liked, it was easy to apply.  In fact the only thing we didn’t like was the price, at £15 for 125ml, it is the most expensive we have seen.


If your budget has no constraints and you think you’re worth it, this is the chammy cream for you.


Size: 125ml

Price: £15

Website: www.rapha.cc


Performance: 8/10

Value for money: 6/10


Tested by Janet Birkmyre



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