World Track Championships Melbourne – Day 2


Day 2 and World Records tumble on the newly sanded boards at the Hisense Velodrome.  Great Britain’s women reclaim World Team Pursuit title, Australia’s Anna Meares lays down a marker in sprint qualifying and Russia’s Anastasia Chulkova snatches gold in the points race


Great Britains Team Pursuit Danielle King, Laura Trott and Joanne Rowsell set new World Record 

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Women’s Team Pursuit


Great Britain’s women’s team broke two world records on their way to defeating Australia in a thrilling final, with an effort that matched the performance of their male counterparts 24 hours earlier – a performance that puts the world on notice ahead of the London Games late this year.


Great Britains Team Pursuit Danielle King, Laura Trott and Joanne Rowsell claim the World Title 

Photograph courtesy of The only website dedicated to track cycling - from local track leagues to top level international competition


Despite the Australian trio of Annette Edmondson, Melissa Hoskins and Josephine Tomic getting out to their customary fast start, Great Britain’s Danielle King, Laura Trott and Joanne Rowsell pegged them back with an even more impressive final 1000m to stop the clock at 3:15.720.


Earlier in the evening, the two nations set up the perfect final, the Australians breaking the world record set by Britain in February this year with a 3:17.053 before the Brits quickly snatched it back posting a time of 3:16.850 just minutes later.


It continues Great Britain’s domination in this event as it’s the fourth world title of the five competed since 2008.


King said it was good to beat the Australians on their home turf.  “We came to win and I’m over the moon, it was just awesome. The girls were absolutely amazing out there and were incredibly strong. It’s just so good to come out here and beat them on their home circuit. A lot of Australians were commenting after the (London) world cup that it was all the home support. Well, they’ve got that here and we’ve still beat them, so we’re really happy.”


Australia’s Annette Edmondson, Melissa Hoskins and Josephine Tomic set a national record, 3 minutes 16.943 seconds, in claiming silver. It is the third fastest time in history.


After only a few rides together, Hoskins was looking forward to finding the improvement needed to go one step further at the Olympics: “It’s only going to get quicker. London, the Brits are going to have a home crowd there and I think the home crowd pushed us today, so we’ve got to step up, so I can definitely see it going sub 15 seconds. There’s three to four months to find those extra few seconds on the Brits and the world record, so it’s motivated us as it shortens.”


The Canadian trio of Tara Whitten, Jasmin Glaesser and Gillian Carleton were too strong for New Zealand’s Lauren Ellis, Jaime Nielson and Alison Shanks for the bronze medal, their first medal since the events inception in 2008.




Team Pursuit Finals - Gold medal


1 Great Britain 0:03:15.720  

  Dani King (Great Britain)    

  Laura Trott (Great Britain)    

  Joanna Roswell (Great Britain)    


2 Australia 0:03:16.943  

  Annette Edmonson (Australia)    

  Melissa Hoskins (Australia)    

  Josephine Tomic    


Team Pursuit Finals - Bronze medal


3 Canada 0:03:19.529  

  Tara Whitten (Canada)    

  Jasmin Glaesser (Canada)    

  Gillian Carleton (Canada)    


4 New Zealand 0:03:19.847  

  Lauren Ellis (New Zealand)    

  Jaime Nielsen (New Zealand)    

  Alison Shanks (New Zealand)    




1 Great Britain 0:03:16.850  

  Danielle King (Great Britain)    

  Laura Trott (Great Britain)    

  Joanna Rowsell (Great Britain)    


2 Australia 0:03:17.053  

  Annette Edmondson (Australia)    

  Melissa Hoskins (Australia)    

  Josephine Tomic (Australia)    


3 Canada 0:03:19.494  

  Tara Whitten (Canada)    

  Jasmin Glaesser (Canada)    

  Gillian Carleton (Canada)    


4 New Zealand 0:03:20.598  

  Lauren Ellis (New Zealand)    

  Jaime Nielsen (New Zealand)    

  Alison Shanks (New Zealand)    


5 United States of America 0:03:21.765  

  Sarah Hammer (United States Of America)    

  Dotsie Bausch (United States Of America)    

  Lauren Tamayo (United States Of America)    


6 Belarus 0:03:22.509  

  Alena Dylko (Belarus)    

  Aksana Papko (Belarus)    

  Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)    


7 China 0:03:23.083  

  Fan Jiang (People's Republic of China)    

  Wenwen Jiang (People's Republic of China)    

  Jing Liang (People's Republic of China)    


8 Germany 0:03:24.145  

  Charlotte Becker (Germany)    

  Lisa Brennauer (Germany)    

  Madeleine Sandig (Germany)    


9 Ukraine 0:03:24.227  

  Svitlana Galyuk (Ukraine)    

  Elizaveta Bochkareva (Ukraine)    

  Lesya Kalitovska (Ukraine)    


10 Russia 0:03:24.644  

  Evgenia Romanyuta (Russian Federation)    

  Venera Absalyamova (Russian Federation)    

  Victoria Kondel (Russian Federation)    


11 Lithuania 0:03:25.656  

  Vilija Sereikaite (Lithuania)    

  Ausrine Trebaite (Lithuania)    

  Vaida Pikauskaite (Lithuania)    


12 Japan 0:03:31.165  

  Kanako Kase (Japan)    

  Maki Tabata (Japan)    

  Minami Uwano (Japan)    


13 Hong Kong 0:03:37.952  

  Zhao Juan Meng (Hong Kong, China)    

  Wan Yiu Wong (Hong Kong, China)     

  Xiao Juan Diao (Hong Kong, China)    


DSQ Poland    

  Katarzyna Pawlowska (Poland)    

  Malgorzata Wojtyra (Poland)    

  Eugenia Bujak (Poland)



Women’s Sprint


The reigning World Champion Anna Meares (Australia) broke the first world record of the day stopping the clock at 10.782 seconds in the flying 200m sprint qualifying, shaving 11 thousandths off the previous mark of 10.793 set by Lithuanian Simona Krupeckaite in Moscow in May 2010.


Meares will meet rival Victoria Pendleton of Great Britain in the semi-final tomorrow evening.



World Track Championships Victoria Pendleton in action 

Photograph courtesy of The only website dedicated to track cycling - from local track leagues to top level international competition



Cruising through the early finals, Meares had a shaky first quarter-final match against Guo Shaung when the two clashed, but managed to recover to progress to the semi final tomorrow night against arch rival, Great Britain’s Victoria Pendleton.


Pendleton, a five-time world sprint champion, defeated France’s Virginie Cueff 2-0 in her quarter-final to set up the semi-final matchup with Meares.


Ukraine’s Lyubov Shulika will race Krupeckaite of Lithuania in the second semi final.


Meares was surprised by her world record in qualifying after a less than ideal start, “I was surprised during the effort because I remember when I sat down I was thinking to myself ‘this doesn’t feel good. Go! Go! Go!, Go harder! Go harder! Go harder!’ I probably should do that every time I do a 200 because I ended up breaking the world record. For me that’s a new benchmark it’s a new level I’ve reached and I’m really proud of that, but speed’s only one part of this game. It’s down to tactics, it’s down to nerves, it’s down to decision making and speed doesn’t win it for you. I’ve got to get it right across the board if I want to come home with that world title.”




Finals - 5th-8th place

5 Shuang Guo (People's Republic of China) 0:00:11.925  

6 Miriam Welte (Germany)    

7 Virginie Cueff (France)    

8 Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cuba)    


1/4 Final Results

Heat 1 Race 1

1 Anna Meares (Australia) 0:00:11.491  

2 Shuang Guo (People's Republic of China)    


Heat 1 Race 2

1 Anna Meares (Australia) 0:00:11.591  

2 Shuang Guo (People's Republic of China)    


Heat 2 Race 1

1 Lyubov Shulika (Ukraine) 0:00:11.806  

2 Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cuba)    


Heat 2 Race 2

1 Lyubov Shulika (Ukraine) 0:00:11.588  

2 Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cuba)    


Heat 3 Race 1

1 Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania) 0:00:11.536  

2 Miriam Welte (Germany)    


Heat 3 Race

1 Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania) 0:00:11.616  

2 Miriam Welte (Germany)    


Heat 4 Race

1 Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain) 0:00:11.732  

2 Virginie Cueff (France)    


Heat 4 Race 2

1 Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain) 0:00:11.739  

2 Virginie Cueff (France)    


Qualifying - Flying 200

1 Anna Meares (Australia) 0:00:10.782  

2 Shuang Guo (People's Republic of China) 0:00:11.004  

3 Miriam Welte (Germany) 0:00:11.033  

4 Wai Sze Lee (Hong Kong, China) 0:00:11.067  

5 Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain) 0:00:11.076  

6 Kristina Vogel (Germany) 0:00:11.078  

7 Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania) 0:00:11.079  

8 Jessica Varnish (Great Britain) 0:00:11.090  

9 Monique Sullivan (Canada) 0:00:11.101  

10 Kaarle Mcculloch (Australia) 0:00:11.105  

11 Lyubov Shulika (Ukraine) 0:00:11.131  

12 Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cuba) 0:00:11.150  

13 Natasha Hansen (New Zealand) 0:00:11.166  

14 Viktoria Baranova (Russian Federation) 0:00:11.170  

15 Sandie Clair (France) 0:00:11.186  

16 Hyejin Lee (Korea) 0:00:11.228  

17 Lin Junhong (People's Republic of China) 0:00:11.244  

18 Tianshi Zhong (People's Republic of China) 0:00:11.252  

19 Daniela Grelui Larreal Chirinos (Venezuela) 0:00:11.267  

20 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands) 0:00:11.302  

21 Virginie Cueff (France) 0:00:11.386  

22 Kayono Maeda (Japan) 0:00:11.402  

23 Ekaterina Gnidenko (Russian Federation) 0:00:11.458  

24 Juliana Gaviria (Colombia) 0:00:11.469  

25 Fatehah Mustapa (Malaysia) 0:00:11.487  

26 Elena Brezhniva (Russian Federation) 0:00:11.508  

27 Hiroko Ishii (Japan) 0:00:11.800  

28 Maryia Lohvinava (Belarus) 0:00:11.984  

29 Iryna Papezhuk (Ukraine) 0:00:12.135 



Women’s Points Race


Anastasia Chulkova’s dash in the final sprint of the women’s 25km points race has won Russia’s first gold medal at the 2012 UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Melbourne.


Points Race Podium L to R: Jasmin Glaesser (Canada) Anastasia Chulkova (Russian Federation) Caroline Ryan (Ireland) 

Photograph courtesy of The only website dedicated to track cycling - from local track leagues to top level international competition


Chulkova broke clear at lap 54 of 100 before Canada’s Jasmin Glaesser, Ireland’s Caroline Ryan and Hong Kong’s Wong Wan Yiu joined the Russian in the decisive move of the race.


The quartet gained a lap just after the sixth sprint to add 20 points to each of their total.


Glaesser and Chulkova were tied on 28 points heading after the penultimate sprint but the Russian placed second in the final dash to claim the gold medal with 31 points.


It was Russia’s first victory in the women’s points race since Chulkova’s compatriot Olga Sliusareva won the event in Melbourne eight years ago.


Glaesser held on to secure silver while Ryan won bronze.


World Track Championships Points Race the decisive move from Anastasia Chulkova (Russian Federation)



1 Anastasia Chulkova (Russian Federation) 31 pts

2 Jasmin Glaesser (Canada) 28  

3 Caroline Ryan (Ireland) 24  

4 Giorgia Bronzini (Italy) 23  

5 Wan Yiu Wong (Hong Kong, China) 22  

6 Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain) 11  

7 Jarmila Machacova (Czech Republic) 10  

8 Katarzyna Pawlowska (Poland) 8  

9 Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus) 7  

10 Amy Cure (Australia) 6  

11 Kelly Druyts (Belgium) 6  

12 Maki Tabata (Japan) 4  

13 Anna Nagirnaya (Ukraine) 3  

14 Rushlee Buchanan (New Zealand) 2  

15 Cari Higgins (United States of America) 1  

16 Yumari Gonzalez Valdivieso (Cuba) 1  

17 Angie Sabrina Gonzalez Garcia (Venezuela)    

DNF Stephanie Pohl (Germany)



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