Craft Control Bike Glove


Full finger gloves offer a bit more protection than the short fingered variety and can be a wise choice if you are riding through dense undergrowth, or for a bit more coverage for when you are riding on the edge!  For that reason they are a must for mountain bikers, but they are often the preferred choice for track cyclists as well.


Craft Control Glove


At this time of year, the challenge is to get the extra protection, but with good ventilation and without any added bulk, because surely summer is just around the corner?


The Craft Control Bike gloves ticks all our boxes.  They are super lightweight, with lycra mesh over the back of the hand to optimise ventilation.  The Clarino palm gives excellent grip on the bars and they have a pattern of laser cut holes to give added ventilation. 


There is just enough padding in the form of a gel insert that sits under the heel of the hand – precisely where you need it.  We have tested gloves that are seriously over-gelled (yep, you can have too much of a good thing!) and we found you can loose feel and grip.  Not so with these gloves.  Craft have taken a minimalist approach to padding and it really works, you get all the comfort you need with no compromise to the precision or control, whether you are riding with flat bars, on the drops or on the tops.


The attention to detail runs to a series of small silicone dots on the area under the tips of first two fingers, which improves the grip and feel.  These really came into their own when operating gears and brakes in the wet.


The gloves are pull on, with thin elasticated wrist bands.  We liked the simplicity – no Velcro fasteners to flap about here.


The cut is pre-shaped to work well with bars and there is just enough soft terry fabric on the back of both thumbs to wipe away a bit of sweat and snot. 


Colour choices are limited to black or white, both sport a very basic stitched pattern, with Craft logo which breaks up the colour on the back of the glove.  We were not sure we were supposed to, but we threw then in the wash with our kit and they came up like new.


Overall we really liked these.  The only word of warning is that the sizes come up very large.  We suggest you order at least one size smaller than you think you need – our tester would normally order medium but actually chose the extra small and still found the finger length was perfect.


A great all purpose, lightweight glove that combines comfort with control and will see you through spring and summer.


Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Colours: Black or Metro/white

Price: £20



Performance: 8/10

Value: 8/10



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