Omloop Van Borsele


Elle Van Dijk (Specialized Lululemon) took her second win in less than 24 hours in Borsele on Saturday.  After winning the time trial on Friday evening, she backed up and put herself in the winning break in Omloop Van Borsele, and won the sprint from her six companions.  Gracie Elvin (Australian National Cycling Team) took second place with Sarah Duester (Rabobank Women's Cycling Team) rounding out the podium.


Elle Van Dijk wins Omloop Van Borsele

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"I'm just in a winning mood I think," smiled Van Dijk after the race.  "It's nice. Except for the rain and the cold. It's really freezing here. At the beginning I was just happy I was in the break so I could warm up a bit. I think my teammates in the bunch were freezing all day.” 


The break went really early in the day after only 15km with Van Dijk and six others. 


“At 80k we almost got caught," Ellen explained. "We had Iris [Slappendel] from Rabobank in the break with us but I think she punctured so Rabobank started chasing and the gap came down to about 40 seconds. But then Sarah Duester bridged to the break so they were happy again and the gap opened up to about a minute.  At the end there were a lot of attacks. People were looking at me a lot so I had to be pretty active but in the end it was a sprint and that went well."


"Ellen just looks really strong right now," says Team Director Ronny Lauke. "She was out there all day and at the end she was both attacking and covering attacks. I started to get a bit worried that she was doing too much but she was able to pull it off. A great couple of days for her.”


Omloop Van Borsele podium L to R: Gracie Elvin (Australian National Cycling Team), Elle Van Dijk (Specialized Lululemon), Sarah Duester (Rabobank Women's Cycling Team)

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1 Ellen van Dijk (Specialized Lululemon) 3:03:18  
2 Gracie Elvin (Australian National Cycling Team)    
3 Sarah Duester (Rabobank Women's Cycling Team)    
4 Chantal Blaak (AA    
5 Amy Pieters (Skil Argos)    
6 Melissa Hoskins (Greenedge-AIS)    
7 Megan Guarnier (USA National Team)    
8 Kirsten Wild (AA 0:00:46  
9 Laura van der Kamp (Dolmans-Boels CT)    
10 Anastasia Chulkova (Russian National Team)    
11 Kimberley Buyl (Sengers Ladies Cycl Team)    
12 Leah Kirchmann (Canadian Cycling Ass)    
13 Samantha van Steenis (People's Trust Ladies CT)    
14 Kim de Baat (Middelkamp/Snelle)    
15 Bianca van den Hoek (TM Specialized-DPD-SRAM)    
16 Eline de Roover (Sengers Ladies Cycling Team)    
17 Theresa Cliff-Ryan (USA National Team)    
18 Silinyte Agné (Diadora-Pasta Zara)    
19 Dirkje Bazuin (Restore Cycling Team)    
20 Anouska Koster (Dolmans-Boels CT)    
21 Aleksandra Sosenko (Vaiano Tepso)    
22 Suzanne de Goede (Skil Argos)    
23 Larisa Pankova (Russian National Team)    
24 Nina Kessler (Dolmans-Boels CT)    
25 Willeke Knol (WV Jan van Arckel)    
26 Natalia Mielnik (Polska National Team)    
27 Julia Soek (Ruiter Dakkapellen WT)    
28 Rasa Leleivyte (Vaiano Tepso)    
29 Aagtje Dijkman (People's Trust Ladies CT)    
30 Desiree Ehrler (Bigla Cycling Team)    
31 Monique van de Ree (Skil Argos)    
32 Kelly Markus (Skil Argos)    
33 Baukje Doedee (Team Nutswerk)    
34 Ines Klok (Team Nutswerk)    
35 Paulina Guz (Polska National Team)    
36 Iris Slappendel (Rabobank Women's Cycling Team)    
37 Claudia Koster (Sengers Ladies Cycling Team)    
38 Lucy Martin (AA    
39 Thea Thorsen (Hitec-Prod-Mistral Home)    
40 Joanie Caron (Canadian Cycling Ass)    
41 Iris van der Stelt (Team Nutswerk)    
42 Sarah Coney (Matrix Fitness-Prendas)    
43 Olivia Koster (TM Specialized-DPD-SRAM)    
44 Tone Lima-Hatteland (Hitec-Prod-Mistral Home)    
45 Guiseppina Grassi (Faren Honda Team)    
46 Manon Klomp (Restore Cycling Team)    
47 Chloe Hosking (Specialized Lululemon)    
48 Agnieta Francke (WV Jan van Arckel)    
49 Sinead Noonan (Australian National Cycling Team)    
50 Laura Turpijn (TM Specialized-DPD-SRAM)    
51 Alexandra Burchenkova (Russian National Team)    
52 Aizan Zhaparova (Russian National Team)    
53 Lauren Kitchen (Rabobank Women's Cycling Team)    
54 Janel Holcomb (USA National Team)    
55 Madelene Olsson (AA    
56 Joanne Hogan (Australian National Cycling Team)    
57 Vera Koedooder (Sengers Ladies Cycling Team)    
58 Lucinda Brand (AA    
59 Sosna Katarzina (Vaiano Tepso)    
60 Janneke Kanis (Skil Argos)    
61 Jessica Glasbergen (TM Specialized-DPD-SRAM)    
62 Inga Cilvinaite (Diadora-Pasta Zara)    
63 Roxane Knetemann (Rabobank Women's Cycling Team)    
64 Polona Batagelj (Diadora-Pasta Zara)    
65 Chloe McConville (Australian National Cycling Team)    
66 Ingeborg Kreuze (People's Trust Ladies CT)    
67 Lotte van Hoek (Restore Cycling Team)    
68 Jessie Maclean (Greenedge-AIS)    
69 Tatiana Antoshina (Rabobank Women's Cycling Team)    
70 Dani King (Matrix Fitness-Prendas)    
71 Esra Tromp (Skil Argos)    
72 Rhae-Christie Shaw (Canadian Cycling Ass)    
73 Iona Andruk (Diadora-Pasta Zara)    
74 Linda Villumsen (Greenedge-AIS)    
75 Giorgia Bronzini (Diadora-Pasta Zara)    
76 Ina Yoko Teutenberg (Specialized Lululemon)    
77 Kristin McGrath (USA National Team)    
78 Birgit Lavrijssen (Sengers Ladies Cycling Team)    
79 Alessandra D'Ettorre (Diadora-Pasta Zara)    
80 Claudia Hausler (Greenedge-AIS)    
81 Loes Gunnewijk (Greenedge-AIS)    
82 Clara Hughes (Specialized Lululemon)    
83 Alexis Rhodes (Greenedge-AIS)    
84 Paulina Brezna (Polska National Team)    
85 Amber Neben (Specialized Lululemon)    
86 Charlotte Becker (Specialized Lululemon) 0:00:59  
87 Elena Utrobina (Faren Honda Team) 0:01:03  
88 Aafke Eshuis (Team Ibis Cycles) 0:01:23  
89 Joukje Braam (Team Nutswerk) 0:01:46  
90 Kimberly van den Berg (WV Jan van Arckel) 0:03:33  
91 Ilona Hoeksma (Ruiter Dakkapellen WT) 0:06:58  
92 Domenique van Santen (Swabo Ladies CT)    
93 Rozanne Slik (Ruiter Dakkapellen WT)    
94 Veerle Goossens (Restore Cycling Team)    
95 Karolina Garczynska (Polska National Team)    
96 Bernadette Jeremiasse (Water-Land en Dijken)    
97 Malgorzata Zieminska (Polska National Team)    
98 Myfanway Galloway (Faren Honda Team)    
99 Nathalie van Katwijk (Ruiter Dakkapellen WT)    
100 Tessa de Moyer (Dura Vermeer CT)    
101 Cecilie Johansen (Hitec-Prod-Mistral Home)    
102 Jessica Allen (Australian National Cycling Team)    
103 Christel Janssen (Team Nutswerk)    
104 Esmee Janssen (Middelkamp/Snelle)    
105 Johanne Bergseth (Hitec-Prod-Mistral Home)    
106 Ivana Tiessens (Ronald McDonald Huis-GWP)    
107 Chiara Roberti (Restore Cycling Team)    
108 Hilde Oudman (NWVG Bike4Air Dames CT)    
109 Melissa Slewe (Water-Land en Dijken)    
110 Marjan Stokman (People's Trust Ladies CT)    
111 Janien Lubben (WV De Peddelaars)    
112 Rebecca Talen (Rabobank Women's Cycling Team)    
113 Anouk Rockx (Sengers Ladies Cycling Team)    
114 Sarah Cramoysan (NWVG Bike4Air Dames CT)    
115 Chiara Nadalutti (Faren Honda Team)    
116 Danielle Meijering (WV De Peddelaars)    
117 Eltina van Wijk (WV Jan van Arckel)    
118 Sofie Verdonck (Dura Vermeer CT)    
119 Henriette Woering (Team Nutswerk)    
120 Olga de Boer (Swabo Ladies CT)    
121 Kim van Dijk (Ronald McDonald Huis-GWP)    
122 Suzan Simons (Dura Vermeer CT)    
123 Laura Trott (Team Ibis Cycles)    
124 Daniële Lissenberg (NWVG Bike4Air Dames CT) 0:07:09  
125 Marielle van Ooijen (WV Jan van Arckel) 0:07:36  
126 Mathilde Matthijsse (Middelkamp/Snelle) 0:08:32  
127 Ingeborg Bremmers (Middelkamp/Snelle) 0:09:58  



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