Natural Hero Cool Peppermint Muscle Spritz


We have been looking forward to the weather warming up for all the usual reasons and also because it has allowed us to test Natural Hero’s Cool Peppermint Muscle Spritz, and let me tell you, it was love at first spritz!


Natural Hero Peppermint spritz 


The concept seems quite simple, but Natural Hero have got it so right we wondered why a product like this had not been around for many years.  We found ourselves using it before and after work-outs, after commutes and during the day just to revive ourselves at our desks (it was hot at the time!).


In fact our first application had nothing to do with exercise at all, we were sitting at our computers, thinking about cycling when we should have been working and generally overheating in the first blast of summer.  It seemed like a great opportunity to test the refreshing and cooling claims and so we gave it a go, a little gingerly at first, just on our arms.  Loving this we put some on the back of the neck, lower legs and feet – in fact, pretty much anywhere that was exposed.  We would have sprayed it on our faces if we could!  And then we read that it was great at easing muscle tension, so we tried it on the lower back and shoulders too


Further tests were more cycling specific.  Using it after commuting to work was an obvious one – when you need to cool down and look professional quickly, this proved to be a great product to have to hand. 


Use it after anything athletic particularly indoors workouts; a turbo, spin, gym or track session - in fact after the shower following any form of exercise and we guarantee you will find it deliciously refreshing.  And it is not just about how it feels, apparently the product works to help muscles recover after exercise – not something we can measure, but we liked the sound of that.


All of this is achieved using 99% natural ingredients, including a bio-effective blend of premium grade Peppermint oil, Blue Chamomile, White Willow, Arnica and Witch Hazel which together deliver the wonderful cooling and soothing actions that revive and ease tension.


It is also recommended for use during warm up, particularly if you have any aches, pains or niggley trouble spots that need a little TLC before you abuse the body.  Spray it on and you feel will an instant cooling sensation followed by very gentle warming that helps to first freeze and then ease your stiffness, aches and pains.


It is not sticky and leaves no residue on the skin.  We celebrated the fact that there are no parabens or other nasty chemicals used and yet it still smells fantastic.  This is a summer survival product!


Size: 100ml

Price: £11.99



Performance: 8/10

Value: 8/10


Tested by Janet Birkmyre



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