Gore Power Lady Socks


Summer socks need to be lightweight, chafe-free, super sweat-wicking and well vented.  All together a minimalist experience, because really, you don’t want to notice your socks – anything that draws your attention to them is likely to be negative.


Gore Power Lady Sock


The Gore Power Lady sock ticks all of the boxes.  They wick away sweat and keep your feet as cool as possible, while providing enough cushioning in just the right places for longer rides.  They also protect the ankle and Achilles from rubbing and there is no chafing from seams or stitching.


All told, they are a well thought out sock with left and right anatomical design (as most performance socks are these days), so you must make sure you put them on the correct feet!


Gore have used a different weave for different zones of the sock, to optimise comfort and ventilation.  So the main body of the sock is a light mesh designed to give breathability, while the arch features an anti-twist band that keeps the sock in place no matter how rigorous the ride.  The toe area is shaped to give great fit and the seam is on the outside to ensure there is no rubbing.


The grid-pattern of padding on the sole does different things at different pressure points and the arch is free from padding to allow your foot to move naturally within the shoe.


The ‘cuff’ around the ankle is soft, seamless and has a high Lycra content.  Gore call it an anti-stress cuff, by which they mean it fits closely, but without any squeeze and stays perfectly in place.


How does this all feel? These socks feel like they’re not there. They are thin enough to allow you to feel your shoe and have absolute control throughout the pedal movement, but padded enough just where you need it to ward off any pressure soreness.


With a choice of pink or black, there is something for most tastes and because they are a low profile sock, cut down around the ankle bone, they actually provide a very flattering look!  


Colours: Pink/white, Black/white             

Cost: £10.99

Sizes:  34-36,37-39,40-42

Website: www.gorebikewear.co.uk - Gore Power Sock


Value for money – 7/10

Performance – 8/10


Tested by Fi Spotswood


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