Olympic Road Race


Marianne Vos took the one title that has eluded her so far in a hugely illustrious career.  The Dutch rider was part of a three rider breakaway that included Great Britain's Lizzie Armitstead, who took silver and Russia's Olga Zabelinskaya – who instigated the winning move and was rewarded with a bronze medal.



Marianne Vos wins Olympic Road Race London 2012


The race was largely controlled by the big teams in the early stages, but the Dutch team started to attack when the route became more challenging.  They repeatedly sent riders off the front to up the pace in an effort to force a selection that would suit their team leader, Vos, but nothing stayed away.


The winning move stuck following the second climb of Box Hill, with over 40 kilometres left to race, and the three riders quickly established a gap of about one minute on the peloton, who were unable to close.  With no race radio, the lack of information was clearly frustrating for the breakaway, who worked well together until the very last kilometre.  It then became very tactical, with Lizzie positioning herself on Marianne’s wheel, however she was unable to respond when Vos jumped for the line and the Dutch rider was able to cross the line with her arms aloft and an expression of pure ecstasy on her face.


Marianne told reporters “I knew I had a big chance but I also knew that if I made a little mistake then Lizzie would take the gold.  I knew Lizzie was really fast on the line so I was not at all confident.  I knew I had a big chance but I also knew that if I made a little mistake then Lizzie would take the gold. So I had to choose the right moment at the finish and, yeah, I think I did.'


Marianne, the world number one ranked female road rider, was World Road Race champion in 2006 but has been second for the next five years.  A real all-rounder, she had also won titles in Cyclo-Cross and on the track, including Olympic Gold in the points race in Beijing, but she made no secret that this was the one she had wanted and that she had been thinking about it for four years, since she missed out in 2008.


The race started dry, but turned wet and as the race headed out into Surrey, it was the Dutch team who were easily the most aggressive in the race, but the winning move was started by Russia's Olga Zabelinskaya.  She was quickly joined by Marianne and Lizzie, plus America’s Shelley Olds. Unfortunately, Olds punctured (one of many during the race) and that saw the end of her medal chances. 


Lizzie described the roadside support as something “so so special.” She went on to say “to be an Olympic medallist at your home Games and the first one is something I cannot get my head around. I am so happy for the people that have supported me to get to this point."




1 Marianne Vos (Netherlands) 3:35:29  
2 Elizabeth Armitstead (Great Britain)    
3 Olga Zabelinskaya (Russian Federation) 0:00:02  
4 Ina Teutenberg (Germany) 0:00:27  
5 Giorgia Bronzini (Italy)    
6 Emma Johansson (Sweden)    
7 Shelley Olds (United States of America)    
8 Pauline Ferrand Prevot (France)    
9 Liesbet De Vocht (Belgium)    
10 Aude Biannic (France)    
11 Katarzyna Pawlowska (Poland)    
12 Joelle Numainville (Canada)    
13 Ahreum Na (Republic of Korea)    
14 Annemiek Van Vleuten (Netherlands)    
15 Alena Amialiusik (Belarus)    
16 Ashleigh Moolman (South Africa)    
17 Grete Treier (Estonia)    
18 Linda Melanie Villumsen (New Zealand)    
19 Emilia Fahlin (Sweden)    
20 Pia Sundstedt (Finland)    
21 Christine Majerus (Luxembourg)    
22 Polona Batagelj (Slovenia)    
23 Clemilda Fernandes Silva (Brazil)    
24 Evelyn Stevens (United States of America)    
25 Tatiana Antoshina (Russian Federation)    
26 Evelyn Yesenia Garcia Marroquin (El Salvador)    
27 Denise Ramsden (Canada)    
28 Joanna Van De Winkel (South Africa)    
29 Maaike Polspoel (Belgium) 0:00:32  
30 Tatiana Guderzo (Italy)    
31 Nicole Cooke (Great Britain)    
32 Clara Hughes (Canada)    
33 Trixi Worrack (Germany) 0:00:35  
34 Noemi Cantele (Italy)    
35 Kristin Armstrong (United States of America) 0:00:47  
36 Amber Neben (United States of America) 0:00:51  
37 Judith Arndt (Germany) 0:00:59  
38 Larisa Pankova (Russian Federation) 0:01:53  
39 Shara Gillow (Australia)    
40 Emma Pooley (Great Britain) 0:01:57  
HD Ingrid Drexel (Mexico)    
HD Loes Gunnewijk (Netherlands)    
HD Charlotte Becker (Germany)    
HD Xin Liu (People's Republic of China)    
HD Monia Baccaille (Italy)    
HD Fernanda Da Silva Souza (Brazil)    
HD Ellen Van Dijk (Netherlands)    
HD Lucy Martin (Great Britain)    
HD Mei Yu Hsiao (Taipei (Chinese Taipei))    
HD Alona Andruk (Ukraine)    
HD Audrey Cordon (France)    
HD Ludivine Henrion (Belgium)    
HD Robyn De Groot (South Africa)    
HD Amanda Spratt (Australia)    
HD Chloe Hosking (Australia)    
HD Yumari Gonzalez Valdivieso (Cuba)    
HD Emilie Moberg (Norway)    
HD Isabelle Soderberg (Sweden)    
HD Wan Yiu Jamie Wong (Hong Kong, China)    
DNF Mayuko Hagiwara (Japan)    
DNF Danielys Garcia (Venezuela)    
DNF Paola Andrea Munoz Grandon (Chile)    
DNF Aurelie Halbwachs (Mauritius)    
DNF Elena Tchalykh (Azerbaijan)    
DNF Juthatip Maneephan (Thailand)    
DNF Janildes Fernandes Silva (Brazil)





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