LAS Victory Road Helmet


Look carefully at any range of helmets and you could probably pick out the Italian made models from the Chinese ones at a glance.  They generally appear a little better styled, put together with more care and some have features that make them really stand out.


LAS Victory Road Helmet


The LAS Victory road helmet comes packed with so many features it is tough to know where to start.  The basics are that it is well vented, with 25 aerodynamically placed air vents, placed to maximise airflow over your head and it is fairly light at 230g for the small.  There are helmets that are lighter, but in our opinion some have gone too far and you lose the sense of security that you get from the slightly heavier models, which tend to have more robust fastenings.


The helmet is really comfortable on – we haven’t found a head shape it did not work with – and it is adjusted using the LAS Cat-Eyes Evo 3D system, that allows for quick easy adjustment on the move.  Simply turn the dial at the back to tighten or loosen.  This whole system can be tightened or adjusted up or down around the base of your head (59 mm of adjustment to be exact) using one hand and it allows you to set it just where you want on your head, which gives a really secure and safe feel.


As for extras, well settle down, because this will take a while!  The helmet comes with two inner padding options, one with and one without an anti-insect net, which stops flies, wasps and other bugs flying into your hair while you are cycling.  You only need to have had one unwelcome hitch hiker dive through the air vents to be a convert.  If we had a choice we would always have an anti-insect net and really can’t understand why more helmet manufacturers don’t offer them.


Both inner pads are airtex treated to help wick away moisture and they are particularly easy to remove and put through the wash, drying in just 30 seconds in the right conditions.


The helmet comes with a soft, draw string bag and also a semi-soft, round zip up helmet bag with a carry handle and identification tag.  This bag is big enough to comfortably house the helmet, gloves and glasses too, as well as bars and a gilet – it is just so useful.


It also comes with a sticker for the inside of the helmet which allows you to record important emergency information; name, blood group and ICE number, and finally it comes with the obligatory removable peak for riding off road.


We haven’t gone as far as falling off in this helmet (there are limits to our testing!), but all the indications are that it would do just what it is supposed to do and that is save you from serious injury.   


Our helmet was individualised with a Femme Fatale kit, a sticker set that allows you to customise your helmet in a feminine way that is not over-the-top girly.  Ours included a silver heart, a strip of diamante and a Femme Fatale sticker.  If I am honest we were not entirely sold on the concept until we saw it and we found the effect was really subtle.  Actually, we have always liked adding a bit of bling to our cycling lives and this was perfect for that!


This race level, Italian made helmet comes packed with unique features and extras that make it a really great buy. 


If you are in any doubt about chosing the right helmet for you have a read of our helmet buyers guide here.


Weight: Small: 230g, Large: 270g includes padding, fitting and straps.

Sizes: small 53-59cm, 57-62cm,

Colours: White/black/silver, White/red/black, Blue/white/black, White

Price: £126.99

Website: - helmets


Performance: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by: Jan Birkmyre



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