Craft Thermal Top


Craft kit is always popular at Bike Envy and so it comes as no surprise that there were plenty of takers to test the hugely versatile and very stylish Craft thermal top.


Craft Thermal Top


If the word “thermal” makes you think only about winter, think again, because this thin and super lightweight top is perfect for layering on cooler days and also as a cover up to throw on if the weather changes.


Worn over a short sleeve base and you can’t help but notice the feel of the soft brushed fabric next to your skin.  This is Craft’s special hexa-channel fibre, which we found works so well in their base layers.  The function of this is not just to feel great, it also quickly wicks moisture from the skin. The external layer of the fabric features hollow fibres which provide warmth by trapping additional air – very clever.  We were really impressed by just how toasty this little top can keep you – the fabric is extremely light and thin, but it really packs a punch!


The result is an incredibly useful top that looks great on the bike, but can be used for running, or in the gym and is easily stylish enough be to be used as a cover up after a work-out too.


The cut is both flattering and ergonomic, moving and stretching to accommodate a complete range of movement without any tugging or pulling.  The sleeves are long, reaching down over the back of the hand and there is a thumb hole to keep them in place.


There is a deep zip at the front, which aids ventilation, but also makes it easy to get on and off, even over a helmet – always a really useful feature.  Behind the zip there is a wind guard, which also incorporates a reflective strip and the zip pull tucks away neatly into a little port, to stop it from rubbing your chin.


The collar is lined and there is a strip of gripper tape around the bottom to keep it all in place.  This does not gather the fabric at the bottom, but simply holds it in place without spoiling the sporty lines of the jersey.  On that note, there are no pockets either, which is a surprise, but did not bother us too much.


Really the only disappointment is that it is available in "any colour you like, so long as that is black" but black is for us the original black and always the most flattering colour in our wardrobe!


Stylish and technical, this top will work for all seasons, indoors and out.  We see no reason to take it off ever!


Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Colours: Black

Price: £65



Performance: 9/10

Value: 8/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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