Lake Ladies Mtb Shoes MX160W


On first impression these shoes look quite simple, but this is a performance mountain bike shoe at a great price.


Lake Ladies Mountain Bike Shoes MX160W


The shoes are fastened by three Velcro straps and with a plain black design.  Put them on and you will immediately notice the roomy toe box – plenty of room for a good wiggle in there!  Crucially though, the narrower neck of the shoe with the super secure Velcro tabs, prevents forward foot slide, so despite the roomier box, the toes do still feel protected and the foot is held securely.


The shoe itself feels durable rather than lightweight and it feels like it would give good protection from rock or tree branch contact.  There is a good sized reflective strip on the back heel and along the sides of the shoes, so these would work well for commuting or mixed use.


On the bike these Lakes feel great – stiff enough for good power transfer during the pedal stroke and the shoe rotates closely with the foot for an easy clip in/clip out movement.  With a light shower the feet stayed mostly dry, however with a classic prolonged UK summer downpour, water did of course soak through.  Once wet, they will stay wet for the remainder of the ride – these are not lightweight super-ventilated race shoes.  However, a night in the hallway with the inner soles out and newspaper stuffed inside and they were dry ready for the work commute next day.


Pushing the bike uphill in the back country is where the roomy toe box pays off – these are comfortable shoes to walk in and, let’s face it, we all end up pushing our bikes at some point!  The rubber grip on the soles works well and the foot felt snug and secure without squashing the forefoot or the heel sliding up and down with each step.  The shoes also felt safe walking on the slippery pavement between the bike rack and the office, so the grip is good on hard surfaces as well as mud.


After a hard few weeks use, with plenty of rocky off road and some long pushes, we found the soles coped well with punishment and there were no signs of any problems with stitching or tearing in the upper sole.  On any shoe, the Velcro straps clog up with mud eventually and these were no exception, but after a good scrub with a wire brush they seemed to be sticking again as good as new.


This is a great all-round shoe, which gives excellent value for money.  It feels like it will last the distance and certainly put up with plenty of hard use during testing.  Perhaps not for a serious racer or weight weenie, but they would be lucky to find anything in this price range anyway.


A really adaptable shoe design which works on the trails and the daily commute, but would also not be out of place in a spin class or turbo session.


Fabrics: Action leather and mesh upper, Lake race sole

Sizes: womens specific sizes 36-42

Cleats: SPD compatible

Website: - MX160W and - shoes

Price: RRP £74.99


Value for money: 8/10

Performance: 7/10


Tested by Fi Wilson



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