We’ve been enjoying Cyclorama by Jim McGurn and Mick Allan and think it would make the perfect Christmas present – yes we really are planning that far ahead!


Cyclorama Pure cycling passion in a book


OK, so there are going to be piles of new cycling books coming on to the market this Christmas.  With GB’s success in the Tour de France and the Olympics, there will no doubt be some good stories to tell as well, but once you have read them, that’s it, it’s over and all you are left with is the memory!  Potentially a little unsatisfactory we think.


If you want a cycling book that you will go back to time and time again, then check out Cyclorama.  It is truly encyclopaedic and if the book itself is not enough, it is backed up by masses more information at


Clearly this is a book that has been put together by people who love all things cycling.  They view the cycle as “our greatest ever invention”.  Who could argue against the enormous impact cycling has had on our lives and no doubt will continue to have as we appreciate the efficiency and environmentally friendly means of transport that cycling offers.


Cyclorama is billed as a “book of answers”, it talks about the origins of bikes and gives examples from retro to super high tech, visiting tandems, children’s bikes, portables, street and many more along the way.  Alongside this there are interesting features and case studies that bring particular bikes and manufacturers to life.


There are also useful pieces on subjects like fit and love your local bike shop, as well as an interesting look at the types of people who cycle.  We loved the “World Reports” section which tells cycling stories from around the globe; Holland is perhaps an obvious inclusion, but North Korea and Rwanda are also included.


You are probably not going to sit down and read this cover to cover and frankly, that is the joy of it.  It is a book to dip into for answers or inspiration and in many cases, it could provide answers quicker than we could find on the internet.


Buy it for yourself or for a friend and get a dose of cycling passion in this wonderfully readable tome.



Available in some bike shops and all good book shops

Price: £12.99



Value for money: 8/10

Readability: 9/0


Reviewed by Jan Birkmyre



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