Helly Hansen Dry 1/2 Zip Bike Shirt


The long sleeved jersey is part of Helly Hansen’s new range of cycling kit. On first appearance, it seems they have simply taken one of their much loved and almost iconic base layers, stitched in a zip and some pockets and called it a cycling jersey. In fact that’s pretty accurate, although surprisingly it works remarkable well as a formula.


Helly Hansen Dry 1/2 Zip Bike Shirt


For us, this did not work as a stand-alone bike jersey. It is very close fitting to the point of showing every lump and bump and the breathable, wicking fabric does little to stave off the elements. You could argue it feels ‘run weight’ and in fact has been a comfortable base on many an early morning jog. However, the two roomy pockets at the back and the thinner central pump pocket mean this is the perfect garment when you need to layer for your ride; either under a gilet or another jersey. So it is a base layer essentially (and Helly Hansen are the masters of base layers), but it also provides extra pockets for things you don’t need to access easily on the move – we found it was amazing what you can carry when you have two layers of pockets to stuff!


For £65 you might expect a little more function in a jersey, but Helly Hansen’s wicking fabric is second to none and this jersey is super breathable and has become a favourite on stop-start power rides like mountain bike blasts or shorter sprinty road rides. The reflective logo on the pockets is useful if you do feel brave enough to wear it solo and the muscle-back seams mean the jersey moves well and stretches in all the right places when you’re in the bike position. The high neck is toasty against the breeze and the zip easy to manoeuvre when it’s time to let a draft in.


The jersey comes in white with black line details or black with hi viz yellow line details. The white has so far born up well to repeated abuse and washing, and will be a useful wardrobe addition if the sun ever comes out next summer.


A perfect base-layer-cum-jersey for layering up and also providing extra pockets.


Sizes: XS, S, M, L

Colours: Black

Prices: £65.00

Website: helly hansen dry1/2 zip bike shirt


Performance: 7.5/10

Value for money: 6.5/10


Tested by Fi Wilson



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