CRAFT Siberian Bike Gloves


The CRAFT Siberian Bike Gloves are a seriously warm pair of wind and water proof winter gloves, that stop your ride from being spoiled by freezing fingers.


CRAFT Siberian Glove


The challenge for winter gloves is to offer protection from the elements without becoming too bulky and cumbersome, and CRAFT seem to have got the mix just right in their Siberian Bike Gloves.  They have used their VENTAIR fabric on the outside to give wind and water resistance, over an insulated layer, with a super soft fleecy inner, which welcomes your hands into a gorgeous world of warmth.


All of this is wrapped up with a very generous, Velcro adjustable, three inch cuff that ensures there is no gap between your gloves and jacket, and effectively keeps the elements out.


There is good padding on the palms and under the fingers to keep hands comfortable on the bars during the longer winter rides and we tested them in sub-zero conditions, with a wind chill down to an eye watering -20 and found they performed really well.


Critically, CRAFT has used their high tech fabrics well to offer protection from the worst the winter weather can throw at us, but they have achieved this without leaving you feeling like you have lost your sense of touch and critically, brakes and gears are easy to operate.


Equally impressive was how they kept our hands dry in the very wet conditions we have been riding in this year and this has been combined with an ability to transport sweat away from the hands, to keep you dry on the inside as well.  You might be surprised at just how much hands can sweat on a brisk ride and once wet, they can turn very cold with just a little bit of wind chill.


There is a water-resistant soft shell fabric inside the palm, along with a silicone print for an enhanced grip.   So hands do not slip on the bars or brakes, even in heavy rain.


Thoughtfully, the tip of the index finger and thumb are reinforced – typically this is where cycling gloves will wear through first and so these are clearly built to stand the test of time.  There are also reflective logos on the middle and little fingers, which work with the strip of reflective material on the back of the hand to give visibility when indicating.


Finally, a must for any glove, there is an ample sized strip of ultra-soft terry towelling running all along the thumb from tip to base, to wipe away anything that doesn’t belong on the face!  And we found they washed really well at 30 degrees.


Our tester said these gloves were extremely comfortable on the palms, even after 5 hours of riding on some ill-maintained roads.  In fact, she went on to say she laughed in the face winter when wearing these gloves!


The CRAFT Siberian Bike Gloves offer top of the range protection and comfort for winter rides.  These gloves are well made and definitely worth every penny.


We are also testing the Siberian Bootie (look here if you can't wait for our review!), which are performing really well in the cold weather too.


Sizes: X-Small to X-Large

Colours: Bright Red or Amino (bright yellow)

Price: RRP £35.00 (but we have seen them at £30.80)

Website: - Siberian Bike Gloves



Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 10/10


Tested by Emma Sainsbury-Munn



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