MonaVie RVL Meal Replacement shakes


We have been testing a range of products from MonaVie, all based on the acai (pronounced “ah-sigh-ee” in case you’re curious) berry and packed with anti-oxidants.  MonaVie promises “products with purpose”, with the acai berry as a core ingredient and we reviewed their health drinks here.


MonaVie Shake


MonaVie also offer meal replacement shakes and we were pleasantly surprised by both the taste their ability to keep us from becoming ravenous by our next meal time.   The flavours were natural and very appealing, and it was an easy way to supplement our diet.


The shakes are packed with a diversity of macro-nutrients (that’s protein, carbohydrate and fat to you and me) as well as micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals), plus phytonutrients (those are antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E; also carotenoids, anthocyanins, and proanthocyanins) so this really is a complete meal solution in a shake.


Of course any weight loss programme works best with sensible diet and exercise programme, but we were not really testing the weight loss claims of this product.  What we did find however was that it was a great alternative to either skipping breakfast (you know that is really bad, right?!), or even to just grabbing a piece of toast on the run, because there is 18g of protein in every serving.  Protein is essential for the repair and growth of lean muscle mass, but, let’s be honest, it can be difficult to get that together first thing in the morning, particularly if you are rushing out of the door.


Consumed at breakfast time, we found it sustained us reasonably well until lunch.  Yes, we were certainly hungry by lunch – we always are! – but there was definitely no need to reach for a snack to keep us going. 


Made up with water, as described on the tub we found it a little watery, but using fractionally less water sorted that.  We also tried mixing with cold soya milk and it soon whipped up into a luxurious thick chocolaty shake.  The only thing missing for a truly decadent drink was a dollop of ice-cream – defeating the object we know, but we can dream!  Seriously though, it tasted like a lovely creamy, smooth, chocolaty malt drink.  We felt nice and full after drinking it and we lasted a good four hours before even thinking of food again.


The product is made with AçaVie™, which MonaVie tell us is the purest, most potent form of açai available.  Each serving claims to provide the antioxidant power of more than 10 servings of fruits and vegetables and it also gives you 26 essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A, C and E to help achieve your recommended daily allowance.  In addition to all of this the shake provides prebiotic fibre for digestive health and a good dose of whey protein which helps maintain lean muscle mass.


Packed with what MonaVie calls “smart calories”, rather than empty calories, we loved the portability of this complete meal solution.  It is not meant to replace all of your meals, but we thought it a great alternative for breakfast, particularly if you want a convenient way of including protein into the first meal of the day, but don’t have time to prepare something more traditional.


Having tested the chocolate flavoured RVL meal replacement product for two weeks, replacing just one meal per day, one of our testers lost a total of two kilos.  To be fair, she was also engaging in regular exercise and she thought she could probably have achieved that by concentrating on making one meal lower in calories, but MonaVie’s option was a simple, portion controlled way of doing just that.


Would we use it again based on taste and the claims of nutrients alone?  Definitely, yes.  And at £50 a tub (containing 28 servings , so £1.79 per serving), it considerably cheaper than CNP’s meal replacement shake (£44.99 for 15, that’s £2.99 per serving).


Great tasting and it manages to keep hunger pangs at bay.  MonaVie RVL was a delicious, nutritious, portable meal replacement system.


Prices: MonaVie RVL Shake Mix Chocolate (1,624g tub, 28 Servings) £50.00



Value for money: 8/10

Performance: 8/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre and Emma Sainsbury-Munn



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