MonaVie EMV Energy Drink


MonaVie EMV is the energy drink from Monavie and it was an instant hit, in every sense of the word! 


Monavie EMV 


If you are looking for a quick solution to that mid-afternoon slump, or need to recharge your body and mind before a session on the bike, this is a great alternative to the more usual offerings, that tend to be packed full of refined sugar and other synthetic stimulants, such as Taurine. 


MonaVie EMV is formulated from 80% juice, with the anti-oxidant packed acai berry at its core.  There are also added vitamins and caffeine from natural sources to give the mind a boost. 


Their “secret” ingredient is Palatinose, is a carbohydrate found in honey, sugar cane and sugar beets.  Crucially Palatinose metabolises more slowly than other sugars, like sucrose and maltose, and this helps to provide a steady flow of energy, that lasts a little bit longer than some of the more synthetic  options.  So you enjoy a more drawn out and controlled energy boost, combined with alertness from the natural caffeine.


We also liked that Monavie EMV gives a powerful hit when you need a boost to your energy, but you don’t come crashing down from it, so no shakes at either end of the more measured and all natural energy hit.


Delicious and refreshing, we really enjoyed the energy boost we got from Monavie EMV.


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Prices: £1.58 (case of 24 £30)


Ingredients: Açai, apple, grape, pear, acerola, Palatinose, green tea, guarana, yerba mate, vitamins


Value for money: 7/10

Performance: 8/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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