Knog Blinder 1 Lights


Knog offer some of the brightest, most colourful lights around and the super cute, but properly robust, USB rechargeable, LED, Knog Blinder is another winner from them.


Knog Blinder 1 Lights


A USB charging facility is all the rage now and for good reason.  It means you can get to work, whip the lights off your bike and charge them at your computer while you earn your crust.  The Knog Blinder 1 offers this and they even tell you when they are fully recharged, by glowing a reassuring red while they’re charging and then turning green when full.


With no batteries to buy we have been using them all the time, even on training rides in the murky daylight that we have become used to over the winter months.  It is just so easy to clip them on before you head out and then un-clip to recharge when you get back, that is has become a habit for us now.


Importantly, the Knog Blinders live up to their name – there are seriously bright!  The front is 20 lumens and the back 11 – not bad for a tiny 15g unit – and there are seemingly endless modes to choose from (well constant plus four flashing options to be precise).  Different modes offer different burn times from 2 hours, if the light is on constant, to a full 11 hours on “eco-flash” – that was enough to make us read the instructions to find out which one that was!


All but the eco-flash mode eat through the battery life and we found it was best to get into the habit of recharging after every ride.  The flexible silicon strap and clip is really simple to use and stretches to fit any size seat post or handlebar, so they are really quick to get on or off the bike.  That also makes them very easy to move from one bike to another, if you are changing steeds.


After some horribly wet rides, we can confirm that they are completely waterproof, as promised.  In fact we exposed them to almost total commuter-rain submersion and there are no signs of failure.  Overall, they are very robust, the light itself, with it anodised aluminium cover and USB plug show no sign of corrosion, despite the weather and the salty spray from the roads.


The switching on and off process takes some getting used to.  You need to hold the button down for almost a second to get the light on or off and then short presses change between the different modes.  This is a deliberate ploy by Knog designed to stop you from accidentally switching the lights on or off.


Retailing at over £20 these are not a cheap option, but the Knog Blinder is tough, bright and comes in a rainbow of nine colours and designs.


Colours: Red, blue, black, silver, pink, lime green, gold

Styles: flower, heart, skull, cog, X,

Price: £21.99

Website: - Knog Blinder


Performance: 8/10

Value: 7/10


Reviewed by Jan Birkmyre and Fiona Wilson



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