CRAFT Warm Bike Sock


The CRAFT Warm Bike sock is more than just a luxury for your feet, it is a really technical bit of kit.  Designed with extra padding to give comfort and warmth, but stitched to allow for excellent air circulation to keep you dry and cool when you are working hard.


CRAFT Warm Bike Sock


Pull these socks on and you instantly know they are special.  They hold and support your feet, so that there is a comforting pressure around your instep and you know they are not going to slip around inside your shoes.  The socks are also kept in place by a wide cuff that grips around your ankle, the grip however is snug, without being over tight.


Stand up and you experience the lushness of the thicker sole that is part of these socks.  CRAFT have included wool for comfort here and we got the feeling it would add to the longevity as well.  Certainly, these are warm socks and we really appreciated the extra padding they gave on longer rides as well.


As the price tag suggests, these really are no ordinary socks.  CRAFT have used what they call “pressure point technology” to target areas of the feet that are prone to discomfort – essentially, there is padding around the toes and heels which works really well.  In truth, we often pay little attention to the socks we choose for cycling and so our feet felt truly loved with the CRAFT warm bike sock! 


And as if that was not enough, CRAFT have used specific knits and weaves to ensure optimum air circulation, thereby allowing sweat to move away from the feet to keep them dry.  The uppers of the sock are lighter in weight and channel stitched to allow air movement, while other zones are a mesh to allow for extra ventilation.


The CRAFT Warm Bike sock is packed full of technical features for the ultimate cycling foot comfort and performance.  We won’t be packing these away until we are forced to by much much warmer weather.


Sizes: Sizes: 34/36 – 46/48

Colours: White, grey, red or Black, grey orange

Price: £10.00

Website: - Warm Bike Sock 


Value: 7/10

Performance: 8/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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