Simplify your life - commute by bike


Simplify your life - commute by bike.  The bicycle is a simple machine. A time machine. It's reliable, always on time, never cancelled and easily repaired. Your body is the engine. Your breakfast is the fuel.



That is the message from British Cycling as they work to get more people enjoying the benefits of cycling. The focus is on how simple and easy cycle commuting can be and comes with figures from the Office of National Statistics showing that the number of people cycling to work has increased by 17% to over 760,000 in the last ten years. 


Most new bike commuters say that it is the financial and health benefits of commuting by bike that first drew them to cycling. British Cycling member, Claire Kennedy – who started commuting regularly two years ago - said:


“I miss it if I don’t get out on my bike. If I get out every day then I feel great. I notice a difference in myself if I miss a day; the ride home helps you to forget about work and to relax into the evening.”


Of British Cycling’s membership, which currently stands at 69,000, the number of regular commuters has risen steadily in recent years to nearly 50% and as summer approaches, that figure will increase further.


British Cycling member John Clarke recently took up commuting and is now saving, “in excess of £2,500 per year on a train season ticket”.  Similarly, the financial benefits of commuting by bike compared to motoring are obvious at a time when the AA has again reported that the average cost of a litre of unleaded petrol has reached £1.40. 


Increasing petrol costs far outweigh the price of a British Cycling membership, which at just £28 per year provides third party liability insurance, discounts with leading retailers and tips and advice from British Cycling experts to help people commute with confidence. 


British Cycling’s Chief Executive, Ian Drake, said:


“I always use my bike as part of my regular journey into the office as it’s a great way to clear my mind before and after a busy day.


“The drive we’ve launched today is all about showing how simple and easy bike commuting can be. People don’t need an expensive bike or to wear lycra - and cycling to work is a really efficient way of fitting some exercise into your day. The cost of maintaining a bike is negligible in comparison with today’s vehicle maintenance and fuel costs.”


A 2011 report by the London School of Economics (The British Cycling Economy) highlighted several medical studies which have shown that commuter cycling can considerably reduce the threat of cardiovascular risk, premature death, obesity and improve your general state of health. 


Another British Cycling member Bradley Howard attributes losing 15lbs to taking up a 25 mile cycle commute three days a week and enjoys the sense of achievement that comes with clocking up the miles on a regular basis. He said:


“Last year when I got to 3,000 miles - it was such a great feeling – and I can’t imagine any commuters on other transport getting that same great feeling.”


British Cycling is looking to highlight these potential benefits, as well as our on-going campaigning efforts to make this country’s roads better for cyclists.


Regular bike commuter and British Cycling’s Policy and Legal Affairs Director, Martin Gibbs, said:


“Within British Cycling, we have the support and the expertise to encourage more people to become regular commuters and incorporate cycling into their daily routine.


“In addition to the membership benefits we can offer, we are also working with the government to put cycling at the heart of transport policy as we want to see long-term, sustained planning and investment so that our towns and cities are designed with cycling in mind. The more people that cycle, the more pressure we are putting on the government and local authorities to initiate change.”


For more information about how to get into cycling, including simple commuting tips, visit british cycling - commuting



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