Cycle to Work scheme team up with Dame Sarah Storey


Dame Sarah Storey is heading up Cyclescheme's 'Challenge Yourself' cycling campaign to promote cycling to work and raise the profile of cycling nationwide.


Sarah Storey with husband Barney


The multiple gold medal-winning Paralympic cyclist will champion the scheme over the next four years.  The 'Challenge Yourself' campaign will encompass a number of new cycling initiatives such as the first National Cycle to Work Day, which takes place on Thursday September 26th.  The national day has been created to highlight the benefits of cycling as a means of transport and to inspire people to make a positive change in their commuting habits.


"Since cycling is one of the best modes of transport for local journeys and Cyclescheme provides the means for people to obtain a bike in order to make those journeys to work, it was an obvious choice to become involved with the company," commented Dame Sarah Storey.  "If we start by encouraging people to cycle to work, then they'll feel healthier, will save money and be more inclined to ride their bikes for other journeys and leisure time too.


"I'm looking forward to working with Cyclescheme on the National Cycle to Work Day at the end of the summer to encourage even more people to challenge themselves, dust off the bike and cycle to work."


Director of Cyclescheme Daniel Gillborn added: "We are delighted to welcome Dame Sarah Storey to the Cyclescheme family.  She is an inspiration to anyone to get on their bikes and join the 750,000 who already cycle to work in the UK.  We hope our relationship with Sarah will have a positive effect on cycling and cycle commuting and we look forward to working with her over the next four years as she prepares for Rio 2016."


Cycling to work in the UK has seen a growth of 20 per cent in the last ten years.  The cycle to work scheme has been widely acknowledged as a key component of this growth, with employees selecting over 350,000 bike packages through Cyclescheme alone


Dame Sarah Storey’s top tips for commuting to work are:


Go at your own pace

Over 50% of commuting journeys are under 5 miles, so don't worry that you won't make it into work on time - most cycle commutes are less than 30 minutes.


Take a healthy snack

Keeping your energy up when you're cycling is important. Have a healthy snack when you get into work and drink plenty of water and you'll start the day feeling fantastic.


Be aware

Always make sure you can hear what is going on around you. If you are making a turn, left or right, always look, look again and then signal.


Enjoy it!

Cycling is fantastic for health and fitness. It really makes you feel alive and wakes you up if you're feeling a little bit tired. It's a fantastic way of being and staying fit.


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