Nature's Kiss Chafe Ease


We would never get on our bikes without applying a good quality chamois cream to protect our girlie bits from chafing or pinching and we have found that Natures Kiss Chafe Ease is one of the best around.  It is a super thick anti-chafing cream, actually developed by a female cyclist, with the addition of Tea Tree oil to protect against infection and Lavender to promote healing and reduce any inflammation. 


Nature's Kiss Chafe Ease


Crucially, Natures Kiss Chafe East is a thick, smooth body lubricant that does not soak in and disappear like some of the lighter creams and it is not petroleum based either, so it is kinder to your skin and does not destroy your kit – definitely a bonus!  Whether you slather it onto your body, apply it to your cycling pad, or both, it washes out easily at the recommended 30 degrees that the washing instructions for most kit will suggest.


We consider Chafe Ease a ride essential, as comfort in the saddle area is not to be taken for granted.  On longer rides, no matter how technical the pad in your shorts is, vibrations from the road can cause minor irritations, which over a period of time can turn into more serious issues.  Off road, higher impact contact with the saddle can cause pinching and bruising, all of which can be eased or avoided with good dollop of Chafe Ease Natures Kiss.


Obviously the choice of saddle and shorts must be right for you.  Bike set up will also affect comfort on the bike and then chammy creams like Chafe Ease, wonderful anti-chafing lubricants, are the final piece in the jigsaw, but one we would never leave home without.


Of course prevention is better than cure, but if you do develop a problem, applying Natures Kiss Chafe Ease even when you are not on the bike will help your body heal.  It is a great moisturiser too – we have been applying it to cracked heels and blisters on our feet and have even heard that it works well on babies with nappy rash too!


An essential part of preparation for any ride, that you ignore at your peril!


Size: 90g

Price: £9.50

Ingredients include: Calendula, Tea Tree, Hypericum, Lavender

Website: Natures Kiss Chafe Ease



Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10



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