Selle Italia SLR Lady Flow


The all new Selle Italia SLR Lady Flow is race saddle that combines top quality components and materials in a women’s specific design, with a huge cut out.


Selle italia SLR Lady Flow


When you first set eyes on the SLR Lady Flow it is easy to assume it might be less than comfortable, because of it is super sleek shape with minimal padding.  Next to the Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow, which is almost universally loved, the SLR Lady Flow is longer, narrower and had less padding on the nose.


So, let’s not beat about the bush, this is a racing saddle and as such it has been created for cyclists who have developed a riding position that balances the rider’s weight between hands, feet and the saddle.  This saddle would not suit a very upright position, where most of the rider’s weight is on the saddle.


It is of course absolutely critical to get the saddle set up right with any model, that includes the saddle height and ensuring that it is completely level with the ground – get that wrong and with this saddle you will be punished!  Get that right however and you are likely to be very pleasantly surprised, just as we were.


For us, it was love at first sit with this saddle, but it took a few miles for us to put our finger on what was so special about it.  It felt more than just good, it felt right, like we had been using it for years.  When the penny dropped it was a real ah-ha moment, we realised that our legs were really free to spin.  The narrower shape means there is absolutely no restriction to the hip and this, combined with the giant cut out, proved a winning formula.


What you get from Selle Italia saddles is beautiful Italian styling and top quality components.  The top of the saddle is made from full grain leather that we know from experience will stand the test of time.  The women’s saddles have more padding than you will find on the men’s versions, of course, but critically it is placed to give maximum effect and with the SLR Lady Flow, it works with the over-sized cut out to relieve pressure on the soft tissue in the saddle area. 


We always use quality shorts with a good chammy, plus a dollop of Chafe Ease and we did not experience any numbness or discomfort from the moment we sat on this saddle.  We were more aware of the pressure on our sit bones, but it was not unpleasant pressure, in fact we preferred the feeling of this firmer saddle because it was actually easier to find the best place to sit.  And we just loved the cut out, which did exactly what it was supposed to, reducing pressure on and damage to the soft tissue damage of our undercarriage.


True to its racing pedigree, the SLR Lady Flow is lighter than the Diva Gel Flow weighing in at just 185g and that is thanks in part to a higher proportion of carbon (30%) in the shell.  The rails are 7mm Vanox and total package is strong but light.


We have never doubted that Selle Italia understand a women’s needs as far as saddles are concerned and the SLR Lady Flow reinforces this.  It is a saddle that does not compromise, designed for women who want the very best.  Italian styling in a women’s specific design that will last for years and works on and off road – we fitted it for the test and we’re not taking it off!


Colour: Black or white, both with pink flashes

Weight: 185g

Materials: full grain leather on 30% carbon shell

Price: £99.99



Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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