Sugoi RS Women's Jersey


The Sugoi RS jersey is a superbly breathable, beautifully constructed, form fitting jersey that feels better and better as the weather gets warmer.


Sugoi RS Jersey


There is little chance of overheating in Sugoi’s RS (Race System) jersey which incorporates mesh like panels of their Gobi fabric in the areas where heat and sweat production are greatest.  This fabric is all about providing extra breathability and airflow and so the under arms are an obvious place for it, but Sugoi have gone way beyond the obvious – they have also included panels of Gobi fabric across the shoulders, front and back, and at the base of the jersey, under the pockets as well.


The rest of the jersey uses Vector Stretch fabric which is designed to actively pull moisture and heat away from the body.  The fabric has a “windowed texture” and is cut to sit away from the body to allow air to circulate to optimise the wicking and cooling process.  If that all sounds very technical, then let’s cut to the chase and tell you that we were really impressed by the performance of this jersey.  We have been using it on the hottest days we have had (yes, really, we have had some!) and we found it lived up to its promises, keeping us cool and dry on the hottest of rides


Sugoi means “incredible” in Japanese and they have worked really hard to live up to their name with this jersey.  The attention to detail is evident in every feature, as an example, the full length zip is colour coded, has its own little port at the bottom to keep it neat and there is a narrow reflective strip that runs up each side of it.  In addition to all this, it is of course, easy to grip and zip up or down on the move and you are left wondering if Sugoi could possibly have done anything more with it!


The fit has to be experienced to be believed – there are countless panels which deliver a really form fitting jersey (Sugoi call it pro-level fit) that is totally ergonomic, meaning that it fits perfectly when you are on the bike, with no tugging around the sleeve area and no riding up at the waist either.


The cut is generous in length, allowing for good over-lap with your shorts and it is all held firmly in place with a band of Sugoi gripper tape along the hem at the back.  This is no ordinary gripper tape, it really is super grippy and with this jersey we found we finished the ride with the jersey just as it was at the start, even though there is no tightness around the hips.


The seams are flatlock and we really liked the tape around base of the collar which removed all risk of chafing in this area.


There are three pockets, two deep open pockets that are easily accessible while riding and one secure zipped section that is all set up for right hand use.


There are flashes of reflective material and reflective logos on the front, back and on the sleeves – in fact we’re pretty sure that no matter what angle you are approached from, something will catch the light.


If you like this jersey you will be pleased to learn the RS range includes matching shorts, gloves and a sport bra, all we suspect using the same fabrics and design principles.


The Sugoi RS jersey that just begs to be worn and performs brilliantly in hot conditions.  Form fitting in a design that works perfectly on the bike, in a mix highly technical fabrics – a high end jersey for discerning cyclists. 


Sizes: S-L

Colours: Cyan/white, Black/white

Price: £54.99



Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre


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