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Proper preparation prevents poor performance - yeah, I know you will have heard that many times before and quite possibly with another P it there as well!  We all know that to do well we have to prepare well and it sounds simple enough, but in truth when preparing for a big event, ensuring that you peak just at the right time, is part science and part luck.


Masters track racing 


At this time of year, when preparing for the National Masters, I usually do not give too much thought to peaking.  That is not to say I take success for granted, the record reflects that I have been soundly beaten on many occasions, but with the big goals in September and October, I am usually more focussed on training and continue to do so right up to the event.   When I have taken a hit at this time of year, it gives me a huge boost to improve!


But it’s different this year.  I have been training so hard that I desperately need some rest, or “adaptation time” as the experts grandly call it.  So we have built in an easy week, that allows for recovery and then a slight build up to the event itself.


Rather than resenting my plan for not working me hard enough – I’m usually only happy when I am training really really hard! – I am actually quite enjoying the sensation.  A mix of easy sessions, some with intensity but nothing too taxing and I am hoping to be raring to go come the start of the championships on the 28th June.


The truth is, I face some really tough competition this year and with so few girls riding all five events, the effort of riding a full day of sprinting followed by two championship events each day, means the tiredness builds from day one and leaves me feeling exhausted by the end of the meeting.


MNTC Podium from 2012


I have made some really stupid mistakes at this event in the past, so the proper preparation is in part an attempt to afford myself the focus I always give to the bigger championships, in the hope that I can perfect that process as well.


So if I could just stop using the extra free time and energy to catch up on work and chores around the house and this could be an interesting experiment! 



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