Craft Body Control Arm Cooler


The Craft Body Control Arm Cooler offers compression benefits, combined with a cooling effect and protection from the sun – just what we need this summer!


Craft Body Control Arm Cooler with Compression benefits


We love clothing that fulfils multiple functions and so we were really keen to try the Craft Body Control Arm Cooler and we were thrilled to have the perfect weather to test them as well.


The arm coolers are incredibly light and provide compression benefits through a gentle squeeze over the length of the arm, which feels nicely supportive.  Quite simply this compression supports the muscles and reduces fatigue. 


We discussed the benefits of compression clothing here.  Essentially, the compression of targeted muscles has been scientifically proven to improve performance in training, competition and recovery, because it improves blood circulation and supports muscles, allowing them to work better longer.


It might seem counter intuitive to put on layers to keep cool, but the white colour we tested, combined with Craft’s hexachanneled polyester fabric, actually cools the body.  It is quite a unique feeling, but as air passes over the fabric it actively pulls heat and moisture away from the body, it is quite delicious!  We have also tested this fabric in the Craft Cool Tee (read our review here) which was an instant hit and has been used almost non-stop in training and racing during the wonderful heat-wave that is the summer  of 2013.


If you are expecting a simple tube of fabric, similar to traditional arm warmers, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Craft are the masters of design and these arm coolers have been developed with a left and right option, cut to exactly follow the shape of each arm.  Of course this is necessary to optimise the fit and therefore the compression benefits.  The overall fit feels tight but not restrictive and once they are on, they are so light that it is easy to forget you are wearing them.


Offering cooling and compression benefits, plus some protection from the sun, these arm warmers have seen some action this summer and we hope we will need to use them for a few weeks yet.


Sizes: S/M to XL

Colours: White, Black, Bright Red with Print

Price: £25:00

Web: body control arm cooler


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by: Jan Birkmyre

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