CT WORX Multi-tool


SKS CT-Worx multi-tool is a beautifully designed, super compact tool that includes everything you need to carry out road side repairs.


SKS CT-WORX Multi tool


The SKS CT Worx offers all the usual “get out of jail” tools, including tyre levers, the usual set of Allen keys; 2,3,4,5 and 6mm, plus Phillips and flathead screwdrivers.  You also get a set of box and open ended spanners, two spoke keys and a chain tool, with 8mm pedal sized Allen key attached.


The Allen keys and screwdrivers are all made from quality chrome vanadium tool steel and although they did not look as well engineered as some we have tried, they did not round off, even with aggressive use.


We did however really like the look of the die cast chain tool, which oozed quality and performed well on both a 10 speed road chain and, for those riding fixed or BMX, an 1/8th” chain too.  Our only observation was that it was quite tricky to pull out from the body of the multi-tool.


Interestingly, this chain tool is attached to a 15mm Allen key to fit pedals – unusual in a multi-tool and given the length, you would not want to try removing pedals that have been put on with any real force.  However, in an emergency, say if you needed to tighten your pedals, then this would definitely do the trick.  And if that sounds far-fetched, we did not have to think long before we remembered just this scenario happening to a competitor in a road race – with no neutral service and without an SKS CT Worx in her pack pocket, she had to appeal to spectators for help!


The tyre levers are easily man enough for the job and we liked that they clipped easily in and out of the body of the multi-tool.  We found them really easy to both stow and remove, and a cinch to use.


Hidden underneath the tyre levers – it really is the multi-tool equivalent of a set of Russian dolls, you just keep on discovering tools! – you find the pressed steel box spanners and open wrenches, which we haven’t needed yet, perhaps because we refuse to fit mudguards, whatever the weather throws at us.  And finally the spoke keys did exactly what they promised they would and with the same ease of handling that we found we had with all the tools in this handy little gadget.


At 223g, it is not the lightest of multi-tools, but then it is packing a serious range of tools and it is pleasingly designed around these tools. 


Measuring a compact 94x40x35 mm it slips easily into a back pocket, or (our preferred choice) zips into a bag under the saddle.


SKS have worked hard to design the CT WORX around all the essential tools that you would want with you on any bike ride and have included a sufficient range of tools to make this a great option for longer distance rides and even touring as well.  The tool is a pleasure to use and reasonable quality for the price.


Functions: 20

Measurements: 94x40x35 mm

Weight: 223g

Price: £19.99

Website: www.chickencycles.co.uk - Multi Tools


Performance: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre

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