CRAFT Cool Mesh Super Light sleeveless base layer


The CRAFT Ladies Cool Mesh Super Light sleeveless base layer has been given a serious pounding this summer because it is the lightest, coolest base we have on test and frankly the only base layer we could face wearing in the scorching temperatures we have been riding in.


CRAFT Super Light Sleeveless Base


CRAFT base layers are the choice of many pro-cyclists for good reason; their fabrics always perform beautifully and their designs work perfectly with the cycling body.


The super light sleeveless base weighs in at just 83 grams and is made from a mesh fabric with big holes that allows for both ventilation and the wicking away of moisture.  These features combine to give a cooling effect to the body, which has been just gorgeous in the heat wave of our summer this year.


CRAFT tell us it is the Hexa-channel fibres that work this magic.  Apparently the mesh fabric allows air channels to form between the base layer and the skin, which improves ventilation.  All we know is that it feels wonderfully soft next to the skin and keeps us fresh and dry whatever the temperature.


We have really had the weather to test this base this year and it has lived up to its promises on long rides and racing in the worst of the heat.  On top of all that, it does not smell like some base layers can, sometimes after only a hint of perspiration.


The fit is “performance” which means it sits close to the body and it is designed to fit the female body without needing to stretch over any of our curves.  There is total freedom of movement, but it can be worn under a close fitting jersey or skin-suit without any tell tail rucking or lines.  In fact, there were times when we really did not know we were wearing it.


CRAFT have added contrasting seams to give the Super Light Sleeveless base a little bit of style.  The black version, has silver seams that run between the shoulder blades and around the sides to the back, while the white version has silver seams.  This definitely improves the overall look.


Our conclusion is that this really is the ultimate lightweight base layer for those really hot days when you want to wear as little as possible.  Great styling and the ability to keep you cool and fresh, without a hint of that base layer pong that can plague some.


Price: £26.00

Sizes: XS, S, M, L

Colours: black, white

Website: - Cool Mesh Super Light Sleeveless Base


Performance: 9/10

Value: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre

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