Gore Ladies Power 2.0 Shorts


The Gore Bike Wear Ladies Power 2.0 Shorts are a great option for medium and long rides, cut to fit the female form beautifully and made from high tech fabric, with a really comfortable pad.


Gore Ladies Power 2.0 Shorts


It is easy to understand why Gore Bike Wear is the market leader in Germany and Europe, because they consistently produce kit that is well designed and use only high quality fabrics, that are put together with a real understanding of cyclists needs.


We have been testing the Ladies Power 2.0 shorts for most of summer and found they are no exception.  They have become a wardrobe staple for us, because we love the comfort they offer on rides of up to five hours.


Overall the cut is very flattering and this is helped by a wide flat, non-elastic panel that sits over the waist at the front.  This panel does not roll or cut into the waist and, just as importantly, does not move either, which makes it feel like a second skin.


If you like a non-bib short  – always handy if you are going to get caught short without local amenities – then these are a great option.  The usual criticism we have of non-bib shorts is they do not tend to stay in place quite as well as bibs and over a long ride that can be quite distracting.  Gore have tackled this by designing these shorts to fit the female shape on the bike really well.  The waist band is a key feature that they have got just right – the front panel gives the feeling of being fully supported, without any restriction. 


At the bottom of the shorts, which are the perfect length to give good coverage (18 inches at the inseam), the Gore gripper elastic fits nicely around the leg, again without any digging in and certainly without causing any ugly bulges.  There is also a handy little key pouch on the inside of the right hip.


These shorts come in either black, with a huge range of colour flashes on the leg, or white with a black flash.  The flash of colour, starts at the hip and tapers down to the mid quad, and is combined with coloured piping down the back of the leg and these features really lift the look of the shorts from the usual plain black options


You will also find that Gore offer a range of items in the Power collection that co-ordinate nicely with these shorts, if co-ordination is your thing.


We have been wearing these shorts in the gorgeous hot temperatures of summer and on some long, high intensity training rides of up to five hours, plus some races too.  Given the Gore label, combined with a mid-level price tag, it is probably not a surprise that they passed the extreme comfort test.   The fabric is effective at wicking away sweat and there was no chaffing from the seams.  We give a huge thumbs up to the Power Lady seat insert, because it has been designed with a seamless surface to eliminate chafing and we found it moved comfortably with the body as you shift your position in or out of the saddle.  


We have washed these shorts repeatedly at 30 degrees and they still look like new, even after getting a serious battering on the road with blazing sunshine, perspiration and even cycling through farmlands on a wet summers morning (just make sure you keep your mouth closed if you’re at the back of the group!).


There is no doubt that Gore really know how to design functional and stylish bike wear for the female form and we loved these shorts immediately.  


Colours: Plain black, Black with red, white, pink, blue, green, White with black

Sizes: XS-XXL

Price:  £69.99 (but we have seen them for £55.99)

Website:  www.goreapparel.co.uk - Ladies Power 2.0 Shorts



Performance: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by Emma Sainsbury-Munn

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