BikeEnvy's Product Tester - Sara Burdon


Name: Sara Burdon


Age: 31


Riding: Mostly mtb and some road


Lives: Morzine, France


Work: Owner and creator of Flow MTB, a topnotch holiday company in Morzine, Morocco, and more…..

Bikes: Santa Cruz Heckler and Blur 4X, DMR Switchback, and Giant road bike. Plus a very old and battered, but much loved pub bike!


Four years ago I moved to Morzine in the French Alps to ride more and haven’t looked back. I love that I can do hundreds of fantastic rides from my door and thousands more are just a short drive away. I love discovering new trails and riding old favourites. I love the freedom of riding and the incredible feeling you get from that perfect piece of singletrack or from nailing a tough section of trail. I love that one day I can go out and push myself and the next I can have a gentle pootle with a couple of friends. But most of all I just love being on my bike!



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