Craft Ladies Active Bike Knickers


Craft consistently hit the mark with their kit, they really understand the female form on the bike and their Ladies Active Bike Knickers have been a pleasure to test.


Craft Active 3/4 tight


And we really did put the Craft Ladies Active Bike Knickers to through their paces, by giving them to one of our reviewers who is, in her words a real bib shorts aficionado.  Until the delicious Craft Active Bike Knickers were handed to her, no shorts with any sort of elasticated waistband graced her kit draw, nor anything with 3/4 length legs.  Bib shorts, leg warmers and bib tights – that was it and so after she had turned her nose up just a little at the thought of testing these she knuckled down to the task at hand.


However, despite testing these with a “bib shorts are the only shorts I ever want to wear” attitude, she was not too proud to admit, she was really, really impressed with these knickers. 


Her greatest concern was the dreaded gap between jersey and shorts which leaves our lower backs exposed to the elements, but these 3/4 knickers have really deep waistband, approximately 3cm which gets wider round the back and there were absolutely no problems with them riding down and exposing the lower back.


Craft had done a wonderful job with the waistband which is so beautifully designed and shaped that you barely notice it.  Often the compromise with non-bib shorts is a tight waistband that cuts in, but Craft have designed this with comfort and function in mind and it performs beautifully.


All the seams are well stitched so there was no nasty seam rub anywhere.  There's a seam running down the inside of the leg, for example, which our tester tells us she never felt and despite repeated wearing and washing there is no sign of stitching coming loose, so we expect these will last a good long while too.


The pad, as you would expect from Craft, is female specific and highly technical, delivering comfort without the rider every being aware of it.


Despite all these fabulous features our tester was really excited by the leg grippers (perhaps she needs to get out more?!).  They are wide with numerous rubberized lines embedded into the fabric, instead of the single thin silicone stripe you often find, that can be unpleasantly tight.  The result is something which doesn't dig into your skin at all but stays rock-solid in place and there was no uncomfortable bunching behind the knees either.


The fabric itself feels great against your skin and the grey stitching down the outside of the legs is both slimming (woo!) and maybe even provides a slight compression effect.  It's not very thick or fleecy, but we would happily wear these down to about 10 degrees before swapping to longs with thicker material, so they are perfect for spring/autumnal weather.


The two logos (one on the outside of the left hand leg and one on the left hip) are slightly reflective but not really big enough to be hugely effective.  They're also on the wrong side for UK roads!


For £45 you get a pair of well thought out, well made and flattering knickers that will last for miles and miles and miles without you noticing they are there – Chapeau Craft!


Sizes: XS-XL

Colours: black/steel

Price: £45.00

Website: - Active Bike Knicker



Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10


Reviewed by Anna Railton

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