Nalini Lady Kochia 1 Shorts


The Nalini Kochia shorts are big on comfort, with a high performance pad and fit that is so good you could be forgiven for thinking these are compression shorts.


Nalini Kochia Shorts


When we first put the Nalini Kochia shorts on we were really blown away by the fit and overall feel.  We honestly thought they were compression shorts, because the cut is so perfect that they felt like a second skin.  The secret is all in the NewPort Extra life material Nalini have used to make these shorts, which not only gives the very precise fit and provides muscle support, it also promises to maintain the shape of the shorts over time.


This amazing material is predictably breathable and wicking, but it also offers UV protection and is very quick to dry as well.


Of course, this would all count for nothing if Nalini had not included a top of the range pad in these shorts and happily they have.  The female specific pad does exactly what we wanted it to; it is a medium density pad (so not too bulky) that gives great comfort, moves with you on the bike and wicks away moisture.  We have been using it on longer rides, in excess of 3 hours, and on the turbo – it might sound extravagant, but only the best shorts get used on the turbo, because that is when we really seem to notice comfort in the seat region, so for surviving this test the Nalini Kochia shorts get a big thumbs up from us!


The legs have silicone coated bands at the bottom and there is a drawstring waist, but we have never felt the need to use it – these shorts stay perfectly in place no matter what we did and critically, they manage that without any feeling of restriction.


If you think bib-shorts are the only shorts for you, these could come as a real surprise.  We all need one or two pairs of non-bib shorts in the wardrobe and these really did not feel like any kind of compromise.


A great pair of shorts for all year round riding, the Nalini Kochia feel great and perform with shorts at twice the price in terms of fit, comfort and performance.


Colours: Black with white panels on the side of the legs

Sizes: S to XXL

Price: £60.99 (but we’ve seen them from £47.99)



Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10


Reviewed by Jan Birkmyre


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