Gore Velocity Compression Sock


Gore Velocity Compression Socks are knee length socks designed to give compression benefits to cyclists, both on and off the bike.


Gore Velocity Compression Sock


Gore have designed their Velocity Compression socks to give a really good feel – the calf area feels nicely squeezed without any restriction and we have been wearing them under our winter tights on the bike and between rides as well – don’t worry, we have more than one pair!


The truth is that compression kit is very difficult to test as it’s nearly impossible to know if it’s making a significant difference or not.  We have tried them on and off the bike, and once even went out for a long ride wearing just one to see if there was a perceivable difference.  As expected, it was really tough to measure the benefits, but if you are a believer you will love these instantly and if you are not a believer, well they are certainly good socks.


They come with a right and left foot version, just to make dressing in the morning that bit more difficult, but quite rightly this is acknowledges that your calves are not perfectly symmetrical!  The weave varies on different panels to optimise the compression and breathability of these socks and even though we wore them for some pretty tough workouts on the bike and in the gym, we did not feel our feet over heated.  There is a wide elasticated band at the top of the sock which meant that they stayed up really well, although if you are on the tall side you might find they came up a little short.  On a very average 5’6” woman, they were the perfect length, but our 5’10” tester found them fractionally short.


It was difficult to tell the extent to which they aided recovery, but we certainly preferred wearing them to not – they support your calves in a very comforting way and definitely feel like they must be doing some good.  


Gore Velocity Compression Socks are great socks that feel fab on and work their compression magic during and between sessions on the bike.


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Colours: Black with red detail

Sizes: 3.5 to 12

Price: £24.99

Website: Gore Velocity Compression Socks


Performance: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by Anna Railton



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