BikeEnvy's Product Tester - Cassie Gledhill


Name: Cassie Gledhill


Age: 26


Lives: Addlestone, Surrey


Work: Sport Rehabilitator


Bikes: Specialized Allez road bike, Specialized Rockhopper mountain bike, Fort 7005 track bike, Planet X Stealth track bike and a Honda CBR600 motorbike!!


I have been riding bikes since I was tiny - I cycled to school from the age of 9!  When I was a bit older, I used to go to France each summer with friends and we would all cycle for a couple of weeks.  I took up racing seriously a couple of years ago and after giving all the different cycling disciplines a go I decided that the track was for me, especially sprinting. My training is a mix of road, track and gym work. I am very lucky as where I live in Surrey I can get to a ride variety of rides with great scenery which keeps my rides interesting and my mind off the pain in between interval efforts.


I can't deny that I am competitive and enjoy the challenge of training to improve but some days nothing beats just being out on my bike and enjoying the ride.




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