Cycle Systems Academy Cycle Maintenance Courses


Most of us will have, at some stage, wished we knew more about bike maintenance, or perhaos that we had the confidence to take on some of those niggling basic repairs but honestly not known where to start.  If that's you then Cycle Systems Academy Cycle Maintenance Courses might be just the thing you are looking for.


Cycle Systems Academy


Cycle Systems' one-day basic cycle maintenance course is an introduction to cycle maintenance for complete beginners. with absolutely no prior knowledge required.


The course is run from Cycle Systems’ state of the art Academy in London, mainly at weekends, with the syllabus including tyres, tubes and punctures, brakes, gearing system and bearings.


The course is billed as the ideal place to begin if you would like a small taster of the trade, or if you would like to gain the basic knowledge needed to both keep your bicycle running more smoothly for longer, as well as getting yourself home in an emergency of course.


Students are encouraged to bring and work on their own bike for the course with the aim to empower themselves to repair their own cycle.


NEW FOR DECEMBER 2013: Gift vouchers are now available for the one-day basic bike maintenance course and can be purchased on the Cycle Systems website for that loved one’s Christmas or birthday present.


At £210 the course is not cheap, but it covers instruction and spares and the cost would surely be recouped in savings and satisfaction!  More information can be found at


Cycle Systems Academy Cycle Maintenance



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