Shock Absorber Zipped Plunge


Shock Absorber have another winner with the Zipped Plunge, which offers great support, without any restriction of movement and it looks amazing too.  That it was easy to put on and take off really was the icing on the cake!


Shock Absorber Zipped Plunge


Okay, so I may no longer be a professional athlete but I have no intention of letting my standards slip when it comes to the kit that I put on to exercise.  Over the years I have become increasingly conscious not only of just how good it feels to train and race in the right kit, but also how important it is for prevention of injury; both superficial and internal.


I am religious about the shoes I put on my feet including orthotics (for both running and cycling), the shorts I wear on the bike, the thermal underwear and the windproof shells.  All of these are layers of what I see as a pyramid of kit; there are certain essentials that, quite simply, cannot be omitted.  A sports bra is an absolute essential.  


Each time Shock Absorber design a new bra, I like to put it through its paces, not just once, but lots of times.  The Zipped Plunge has been no exception; I have been wearing it, washing it and wearing it for more than eight weeks now and for someone who still manages some form of exercise five times a week, this is a pretty thorough test!  


If I’m totally honest, before I tried it I was a little sceptical; how could a bra that has a chunky zip at the front be comfortable?  I couldn’t have been anymore wrong.  The comfort and performance were second to none on the bike; the racer back allows for full and free movement, but without cutting in at any one place.  Working up a sweat in the Cotswolds is always on the agenda if I am on the bike; base layers need to be light weight and wick away moisture, so that there is no chill on the descents or during the warm down at the end of a ride and Shock Absorber’s Zipped Plunge ticked all these boxes.


When running there was no bounce going on with the Zipped Plunge.  I am not blessed with much of a breast, but I know that the little bit I do have shouldn’t bounce, not even just a little bit!  Again, the design of the bra allowed for a full and free swing of the arm; I simply wasn’t aware that I was wearing it.


But let me tell you about the best part of the Zipped Plunge; putting it on!  No over the head battles, no reaching round the back to fasten a clasp, not even a clasp at the front that is subsequently spun round only to demand centralising and adjusting.  Taking it off is equally as easy, since there is no battle with rolling a slightly sweat dampened bra over your head, or indeed reaching tired arms around the back to fiddle with the clasp.  As the weather cools off, cold hands can be an issue after outdoor training, the Zipped Plunge demands minimal coordination to get off, meaning I can get into a warm shower without swearing at my own efforts to undress as quickly as possible!


For my occasional Power Yoga class I have found the Zipped Plunge ideal – I lie on my back and feel nothing – no clasp irritating my skin or spine, and no bulging straps close to the shoulder blades either.


And if all of this wasn’t enough the Zipped Plunge looks great too.  So does it have any down sides? Just the green trim.  Sadly, after I had washed it with darks colours, and to be fair washed it quite a few times, the trim lost its bright green glow, but that was the only fault I found.


A great looking, multi-sport bra that is incredibly supportive, without being restrictive, and is super easy on and off.


Colours: Black with green piping

Sizes: 32-38 B-DD

Price: £25

Website: active zipped plunge


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by Emma Silversides

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