Ithlete Launch Finger Sensor


Not content with what we already thought was an amazing product, ithlete have been hard at work making it even easier for us to measure heart rate variance (HRV) with the launch of their new ithlete Finger Sensor, which connects directly to compatible smartphones.


ithlete finger sensor


We talked about the ithlete heart rate variance device here and went on to publish our experience of using it on a long term test here.  Back then we thought it was pretty good.  A classic British understatement – we believe these are the first perfect 10’s we have ever awarded in a product review!


Heart Rate Variance (HRV), the time gap between heart beats, gives an accurate picture of autonomic nervous system activity and is known to be a reliable measure of stress, fatigue and overall health.  We found that monitoring our HRV allows us to predict oncoming illness and armed with this knowledge, we mostly avoid getting sick at all.  It was so useful, we are still taking daily readings.


What we love is the way it allows us to monitor our health and how well our bodies are coping with training and recovery, taking into account work stress, travel, poor sleep, compromised diet and any other stresses that might be affecting us.  The bottom line is that our training plans are now adapted to be completely unique to us and that allows us to train and recover optimally, while enjoying better health than ever before.


We didn’t think there was anything they could do to improve it, but we were wrong!  ithlete have launched a shiny new app that allows you to record more variables than ever before: sleep, overall fatigue, muscle soreness, stress, mood and diet.


In addition, they have made it simpler and more convenient to take the morning reading, by offering a Finger Sensor as an alternative to the chest strap.  The team at ithlete tell us that recent research shows strong correlations between HRV measurements taken with pulse and traditional ECG sensors, and they have brought this technology to us.


It’s so simple.  Slip on the ithlete Finger Sensor to take a one minute measurement.  As with all ithlete HRV readings this information is processed to present you with a traffic light coded daily HRV number and personalised lifestyle recommendations.


The accuracy of the reading is at the heart (no pun intended!) of this product and we were pleased to hear they had had that bit independently tested.  James Heathers, Psychophysiological Researcher at the University of Sydney said:  "After validating the new ithlete finger sensor and app, we found it is accurate enough to use for formal research, is entirely straightforward and very convenient.  It works exactly as designed, and is without a doubt the best general-use system for personal heart rate variability recording available."


We been using it for over two years now and wouldn’t be without the insight it offers.


ithlete finger sensor: £44.99

ithlete app: £6.99

Receiver: £34.99




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