Lake CX145 and MX145


Lake Cycling Shoes have the perfect answer to keeping feet comfortable in winter conditions, the CX145 and MX145, which combine waxed canvas and leather with a waterproof membrane to keep feet warm and dry.


Lake cycling boot CX145



We have had some seriously wet conditions in which to test the Lake CX145 cycling boots, but time after time they have stood up to the punishment and we can’t believe we ever survived winter without them.  The feeling of water squeezing up through your toes with every pedal stroke is happily a thing of the past!


The concept is quite simple, the upper is waterproof but breathable, which keeps feet dry and also avoids the wind chill that is inevitable once feet get wet on a ride.  Waxed fabrics have long been recognised for both their durability and waterproof qualities, and Lake have combined this with leather that has a waterproof membrane to make the ultimate upper for their winter boots.


The result has to be experienced to be believed and every time we wore them in wet conditions (Ed- that’ll be pretty much every ride this winter!) we couldn’t quite believe how good they were. After one particularly wet ride we returned home with dry feet and decided to try to find their limit by turning a high pressure hose on them.  Not surprisingly, they did eventually allow a little moisture in, but not straight away and we had to acknowledge that the pressure from the hose was way beyond anything you would experience in the most biblical of downpours and at the highest speed you could ever reach!


Being a boot, they provide protection and warmth for both the ankle and the foot, and Lake have achieved this without any compromise to the movement of the ankle – the design is articulated to allow for an excellent range of movement.


Lake cycling boot MX145


Both the Lake CX145 and MX145 have two side mounted Boa lacing systems, that operate independently of each other.  One allows you to dial up the tension over the foot and the other around the ankle, so the fit can be as secure or loose as you like on each area, and they are easy to adjust even with heavily gloved fingers on the move.  We like a nice tight fit around our feet and the result of dialling up the Boa laces was a great interface between the foot and the pedal – the foot did not move around in the boot and there was no ankle lift, even when we were climbing out of the saddle.


If you are used to riding with a super stiff carbon sole (our tester is lucky enough to use Lake 401’s) you will notice that the competition fiberglass-injected nylon outsole is, quite understandable, not as rigid but it was a compromise she was more than happy to make over the winter months.  We all agreed that long miles in the saddle with cold, wet feet really take the shine off the ride!


There are two versions: the CX145 for roadies (three hole cleat compatible) and the MX145 for mountain bikers (two hole cleat compatible and with non-marking rubber tread for added purchase). 


The Lake CX145 and MX145 are the perfect response to the typical British winter, a highly water resistant shoe that will get you through the very worst of the winter and they could just make the difference on those days when you look out of the window and your resolve starts to slip.


CX145: road version

MX145: MTB version

Sizes: 36 to 50 standard fit, 42 to 50 Wide fit

Colour: black/grey

RRP £169.99

Website: Lake CX145


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre


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