Craft Bike Siberian Glove


The Craft Siberian Bike gloves are quite simply the warmest gloves we have tested.  Fleece lined for insulation, with a wind and waterproof shell and a deep, velcro adjustable, cuff, these gloves really do the business.


Craft Siberian Bike Glove


Cold hands while riding are a real misery and once they get cold there is almost no way to warm them up – we know, we’ve tried!  The best and most obvious strategy is not to let them get cold in the first place and that requires insulation, combined with materials that keep wind and water at bay, but critically this needs to be achieved without losing the ability to grip the bars or change gear.


We’ve been riding in the Craft Siberian Gloves for the last two months of cold, wet weather and reckon Craft have really hit the bull’s eye with these gloves.  They are so wonderfully warm you will not want to wear them unless it is properly cold or horribly wet – so yes, we’ve had plenty of opportunity to test them this winter – and to be fair, we would always rather be a little too warm than too cold.


The fleece lining is gorgeously soft and it also provides the first layer of insulation, while the outer layer is wind and waterproof.  The bit in the middle of these two layers is heavily insulated, resulting in a really warm pair of gloves, but despite the layers you do not lose your sense of touch and we felt comfortable holding the bars and reaching the brakes and gears.


Craft have designed the Siberian Gloves with a deep (3 inch) cuff that is Velcro adjustable, so there is absolutely no gap between the bottom of your jacket sleeve and the cuff and, when they are done up snugly, no chance of any cold air getting to your fingers or up your arms either.  Although the cuff is nicely padded, they still fitted neatly under the sleeve of a winter jacket and we found they worked well with all of our cold weather jacket options.


It is clear that Craft have a real understanding of cyclists needs that is particularly obvious in the detail.  In the case of these gloves we really appreciated the silicone grip on the palm, which meant there was no loss of grip in the wet and the extra padding makes these gloves a great option for keeping hands comfortable on longer winter rides.


The fit of these gloves is also testament to some real thought about cycling.  We found the ergonomic design allowed for our hands to easily grip the bars, without needing to work against the shape of the glove.


Of course there is the regulation soft terry fabric on both thumbs, to wipe away any nastiness from your face and some good reflectives for visibility as well, and all of this is easy to wash at 40 degrees.


Last but not least, it is worth a mention that these gloves are clearly built to last, with a reinforced end to the index finger and thumb – the place where gloves first give out.


Craft are all about developing kit for extremes of weather and we are happy to report that these are serious gloves, for serious weather – the sort of kit you will never regret buying.


Sizes: X-Small to X-Large

Colours: Black/Bright Red

Price: RRP £34.00 (but we have seen them at £31.50)

Website: - Siberian Bike Glove 



Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 10/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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