Prioritising cycling as a form of transport


Helping to transform Britain into a cycling nation would “mean more than my Olympic gold medal” British Cycling’s policy adviser Chris Boardman told MPs before the Transport Select Committee today.


Ride London 2013


Boardman, who gave evidence on the same day that British Cycling launched its 10 point manifesto outlining why now is the time to Choose Cycling, delivered a strong message to MPs outlining the £250 million NHS savings per year that could be delivered if cycling were to be prioritised as a form of transport.    


Speaking before MPs at the Transport Select Committee, Chris Boardman said:


“If I could help more people choose cycling it would mean more to me than my Olympic gold medal. Most of our journeys are within a 25 minute bike ride but we need to make it look and feel safer for everyone, not just those who are already fit and confident.


“We think about cycle safety in completely the wrong way by focusing on the individual, rather than the benefits more people cycling would deliver for us as a society.


“The safest places in the world for people on bikes have taken the positive decision to prioritise cycling as a mode of transport. The results are far higher rates of cycling and far lower rates of inactivity-related illnesses.


“If we want to get the nation cycling, we need political will and support at the highest level. I want MPs on the Transport Select Committee and across all political parties to wake up and realise that cycling is the solution to so many of the problems we face today. We’ve had enough talking – now is the time for action.”


British Cycling’s Time to Choose Cycling manifesto is available on the British Cycling website here.


For more information about how to get into cycling visit  



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