2XU Women’s Elite Compression Tights


Based on research conducted by the Australian Institute of Sport, 2XU compression tights offer a huge range of benefits that will help everyone, from elite athletes to weekend warriors, get the very best out of themselves.


2XU Elite Compression Tights


We’ve been wearing 2UX’s Elite Compression Tights for a couple of months now and just love the way they make us feel. 


We have been lucky enough to test a number of brands of compression wear in the past, but we just keep coming back to 2XU because they seem to deliver the best compression, using different weights of fabrics in different panels to target key muscles.  Pull them on and you really feel the squeeze on your glutes, hamstrings and calves in particular.  These panels use 2XU’s PWX Weight fabric which is the highest dernier and most powerful fabric to support and squeeze the muscles.


The front panels, covering the quads and aductors use PWX Flex fabric, which is again a high dernier fabric, to give compression, but it is also really stretchy to allow for a full range of movement with no restrictions.


What is really clever is that 2XU use a circular knit to give a graduated compression – that means the compression is greater on the lower leg – which helps circulation and this in turn assists the body deliver oxygen to the muscles.


Traditionally compression wear has been thought of as an aid to recovery, but to talk only about recovery benefits would be to under sell these tights massively.  We have been wearing them in the gym and during our weekly yoga sessions as well, because the circulation benefits help the muscles warm up faster, support them while they work and then helps them to recover better too – we reckon we could do with several pairs!


Overall, the fit is perfect, following female curves but with enough stretch for us to attempt the most advance yoga poses (I say attempt – we still have much work to do!) and we will be sleeping in them as well during the big track meetings.  Flatlock seams means there is no rubbing or chafing and they have a drawstring waist for absolute security, with a small internal pocket that would hold a locker key if necesssary.


The fabric is great at wicking away sweat to keep you dry and is antibacterial as well, features we have tested to the absolute max.  In particular, we have been seriously impressed by the way these tights smelt fresh day after day.  As if that were not enough they offer UPF 50+ sun protection – oh how we look forward to an opportunity to test that feature!


In our experience, you get what you pay for with compression wear.  If you follow the care instructions, 2XU tights should last a couple of years.  Don’t be concerned that the fabulously funky decals show a bit of wear, we have been assured that the very high quality Italian lycra used in these tights will ensure they keep delivering the compression benefits.


2XU Colour Compression Tights


The Women’s Elite Compression tights we tested are black with big bold 2XU logos in steel grey, but if you want to add a bit of colour to your wardrobe, there is now a range of Women’s Colour Compression Tights with the 2XU logos in a choice of tangerine, blue, purple or black – very nice!


Sizes: XXS to XXL

Colours: Elite Compression Tights – black with steel logos

   Or Colour Compression Tights – Black with logos in a choice of tangerine, blue, purple or black

Price: Elite - £110 (we’ve seen them for £99) or Colour £75 (we’ve seen them for £67.50)

Website: www.2xushop.co.uk elite compression tights


Performance:  9/10

Value: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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