The addictive quality of sportives


The thought of entering a Sportive, especially if it’s your first cycling event, may not be the foremost in your mind when outside, storms are bringing down trees and diverting rivers down your local high street.  On the other hand, planning something spectacular, might just be the perfect antidote to the winter blues.


Pam Wilson's Dragon Ride


The enjoyment of trying something new, something challenging, where you are not quite sure if you can make it, but know that it would be fun trying, is where I was last year before I entered my first Wiggle Dragon Ride sportive in June.  You can read about Pam’s experience here


The pleasure of cycling for me is the freedom, exercise and pure joy of seeing our fabulous countryside by the best means possible.  What organised events such as sportives and Cycletta rides bring are the added enjoyment of seeing new landscapes with individuals who share your love for cycling, in a well organised and supported event.  Once you have experienced your first long distant ride, the pride, pleasure and sheer thrill of the day will only make you want to repeat the experience.  Certainly that was was the case for me, as my first sportive inspired me to take part in other challenging rides including a four day 300 mile ride for Macmillan, where I was lucky enough to join friends on their Land Ends to John O’Groats ride last August. 


This year I hope to increase the number of long distance rides I do and that includes entering two of the Macmillan Cycletta rides, the 45km Wiggle Dragon Ride starting from Margam Park in South Wales and one of the new 100km Cycletta rides in the New Forest.  The Margam Park event is a shorter distance than I would normally take on but the picturesque hills and valleys of South Wales, together with the wonderful atmosphere I experienced last year, have drawn me back for more and it will be good preparation for my other events too.


The second Cycletta in the New Forest is a relatively flat ride, so it will be an interesting challenge for me as for some unknown and totally inexplicable reason I ride hills much easier than the flat. The physical and mental variation that hilly terrain offers, the challenge of the climb, the fabulous views from the top and then the excitement of the descent, seem to spur me on to the finish.  So a relatively flat 100km ride will test my powers of endurance in new ways!


The real advantage of entering events like Cycletta and other sportives is that it makes you to put a date in your diary that gives focus to your training.  There are various distances available, with options to suit the novice and the more experienced rider and involving friends is a great way of fostering encouragement and getting the most out of your cycling adventures. 


So the next time you are in front of your computer and the rain is pounding at your window log on to  to find event near you.  It will provide a cycling experience not to be missed.



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