Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow Saddle


The Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow saddle features a female specific shell, with a cut out and padding to provide comfort but without compromising performance.


Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow


In our opinion Selle Italia never compromise with the design of their saddles.  They’ve been making saddles since 1897 and we think it is fair to say they know a thing or two about it now!  When they say a saddle is specifically designed for women, they really mean it.  There will be no short cuts or adaptations from the men’s version, it will be designed from first principles to suit a women’s anatomy.


We are often asked our opinion on saddles and whilst we accept that it is a very personal choice, if you are having problems, or are new to cycling, the Selle Italia range is a wonderfully safe place to start.  Our advice would be, whatever the budget for your bike, never compromise on the saddle – it is worth every penny of the investment and at £70 this saddle represents excellent value for money.


The shape of the Lady Gel Flow is more relaxed than Selle Italia’s pure performance saddles, like the SLR Lady Flow.  You get a wider seat area to sit on and feel fully supported even in the more upright position of a mountain bike, but we found our legs could still spin freely with no restriction in the hips on both road and mountain bikes.


The padding on the Lady Gel Flow has been designed with comfort in mind, but it is thickest only where you need it most, so the overall feel is not bulky.  When riding we found our sit bones were well protected and even when we moved forward on the saddle, into a more aggressive position to really put down some power, we liked the padding over nose of the saddle too.


We echo the words of Scherrit Knoesen, bike fitter at The Bike Whisperer who told us “In my experience most women are happier on a cut away saddle”.  We test loads of bikes and the one upgrade we would almost always recommend is the saddle and specifically to one which has a cut away section in the middle.  This takes pressure off the bits of our undercarriage which are simply not designed to be sat on and the Lady Gel Flow ticks this box for us nicely.


Selle Italia have further improved the comfort offered with this saddle by incorporating a shock absorber system, which helps to reduce the road chatter or the big bumps of off road, but without even a hint of bounce and it is all covered in their incredibly hard wearing synthetic Lorica fabric, in a choice of black or white.


The manganese rails, combined with the extra padding don’t make for the lightest saddle, but if you are all about performance then the SLR would be a better choice.  The Selle Italia Lady Flow is however perfect for anyone spending long hours in the saddle, who wants comfort but not at the price of performance.  


Size: W 160 x L 262

Rail: Manganese Tubular

Weight: 280g 

Price: £70.99

Website: chickencycles - women's saddles


Value for money: 9/10

Performance: 9/10


Tested by: Jan Birkmyre



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