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JetBlack have designed the perfect under saddle bag with their JetRace model.  It is weather resistant and rugged, with an interior pocket that keeps smaller items in one place and it is easy to get at even with gloved hands.


JetBlack Saddle Bags


It was love at first sight for us with the JetBlack JetRace saddle bag, because it was super simple to fit and held all the essential “get out of jail” tools in a secure weatherproof pouch.


The bag is held in place with two fastenings; a wide Velcro closure that fits around the seat post and a strap that threads under the saddle rails and wraps around the bag to secure to itself with a simple but secure plastic clip.  The fitting process takes seconds and is completely intuitive (we really don’t like having to read instructions!) and once fitted, we didn’t think about it again… that is until we needed it, because there was no rattling or flapping about, just a super secure little bag of essentials. 


The bag comes in two versions, one for mountain bikers and one for roadies.  We tested the JetRace MTB bag, which comes in three sizes, so there is something to suit most needs.  We found the large size had plenty of room for allen keys, a puncture repair kit, a bit of money and emergency allergy medications as well.  We really appreciated that the latter two stowed usefully in the separate mesh pocket that is attached to the zip around opening, as this made them really easy to access in a hurry.  Our tester is allergic to wasps and apparently they find her when she is out on her bike.  If stung, time is of the essence so ability to get to medicines quickly was really important to her.


JetBlack advertise the bag as “weather resistant” but we think they might be under selling it.  The zip certainly appeared to be waterproof to us and we reckon the bag would resist some pretty serious weather.


Perhaps unsurprisingly for a company calling themselves JetBlack, the colour options are well, just black, which by the way is all the colour options we think you’ll ever need!  Anything strapped under your saddle is going to get filthy and if it doesn’t start out as black it certainly will be after a few wet rides in the UK!   The JetRace range does include bags with large reflective panels on the sides and rear if you feel the need to add to your visibility, which is never a bad thing, especially if you commute.


The JetBlack JetRace range of saddle bags are the perfect way to store essentials, they are secure and rugged, giving miles and miles of peace of mind.


Sizes: S, M and L

Colour: Black

Price: JetRace MTB £15.99 – £16.99 JetRace £11.99 - £12.99

Web: - Luggage


Value for money: 9/10

Performance: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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