Helly Hansen’s Gone On My Catwalk


We are big fans of the Helly Hansen brand so we love that they are inspiring people across the UK and Ireland to get outside and get active with the launch of a new free app, Gone on My Catwalk, which is available now on iPhone and Android.


Helly Hansen’s Gone On My Catwalk app


With studies revealing that on average an adult spends between 50 and 70 per cent of their time sitting down*, the Gone on My Catwalk app not only tracks how much time users spend outdoors, it also rewards them with geocached prizes and other incentives from Helly Hansen.


From Edinburgh to the Isle of Wight, and from Belfast to Cork, over 400 prizes will be hidden in over 80 locations throughout the UK and Ireland with users receiving a push notification when they have reached a correct grid reference. With the app also going live globally including North America, Scandinavia and continental Europe, users can also keep on training and winning prizes even when on holiday!


Erik Burbank, Vice President at Helly Hansen, says, “The Helly Hansen brand and our products have always helped people to enjoy the outdoors. The Gone On My Catwalk app is a fun way to provide an additional incentive to simply get outside. It’s also a tool to encourage consumers to share their positive outdoor experiences via photos with a larger audience. Ultimately it’s about inspiring more people to enjoy the outdoors, more often.”


Each week, a Helly Hansen jury will review users’ catwalk photographs and award the best photograph with a prize. There will also be an award for reaching 20 hours outside – after which time the progress bar will continue to document time spent outside and encouraging messages will be sent at pre-set distances for the “document your catwalk” competition.


The outdoors is Helly Hansen’s catwalk; the athletes, outdoor professionals and weekend enthusiasts its models – where will your catwalk take you?


The Gone On My Catwalk app is available at both the Apple iTunes and Android Play stores. For more information, please visit hellyhansen.com


* Source: 2012 study led by the University of Leicester, combining results of 18 studies and including 794,577 participants



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