Helly Hansen Pace Sports Bra


The Helly Hansen Pace Sports Bra is a high performance, crop top style sports bra, offering great support and all round comfort.  Use of their Lifa fabric means it’s quick drying too.


Helly Hansen Pace Sports Bra


We don’t think we ask much of our sports bras – they simply need to offer the right level of support without hindering our movement, or restricting breathing and, of course, they need to be made from a fabric that wicks away sweat to keep us cool and dry while we work out.  (If you want more details you can check out pro-cyclist Emma Silversides’ buying tips here.)


That sounds simple enough to us, but years of testing sports bras suggests that it is in fact something of an art form, so we were really pleased to find that once again Helly Hansen seem to know exactly what we need.


We have been wearing the Helly Hansen Pace Sports bra in training and racing this year and it has performed perfectly - kit that is chosen for racing really has to be excellent in every respect, because we accept no compromises when it comes to competion.  So it goes without saying that we found this bra to be a great choice for cycling, because it is cut to allow for complete freedom of movement whatever you get up to and as a result we have been using it in the gym and for yoga classes too. 


Helly Hansen have used their trademark Lifa fabric for this bra and that offers excellent stretch with just the right amount of support and the perfect fit as well.  We loved the way the high tech Lifa fabric worked almost as hard as we did, moving moisture away from the body to keep us dry and comfortably and thoughtfully, Helly Hansen have doubled the fabric up over the front.  This means we felt it provided enough coverage to be worn alone, with no base layer or T shirt over the top, without leaving us feeling like we were walking around in our underwear!


The breathability of the Helly Hansen Pace Sports bra has been upgraded by the inclusion of mesh panels at the sides and between the shoulder blades in this classic the “racer-back” style bra.  It is finished with a wide elasticated band that sits just below the breasts, keeping the bra in place without a hint of restriction and usefully we found that our heart rate monitor strap sat comfortably under this, making no attempt to escape.


The attention to detail in this bra is everything we have come to expect from Helly Hansen.  The seams are stitched to avoid chafing and the shoulder straps are wide enough to ensure there is no cutting in, whilst the arm holes and neck are nicely finished too.  They even offer us four colours.  If, like us, you are just so bored with sports bras in either black or white, then you will love the option of ice blue or coral as well.


Overall we loved the fit and feel of the Helly Hansen Pace Sports Bra, we felt supported us well in all the right places, whilst our movement and breathing was not limited.  All of this and you know the Helly Hansen fabric is just about the best there is; great to wear, easy to wash and quick to dry, what’s not to love?


A great choice of sports bra for any activity, but particularly comfortable for cycling.


Sizes: XS-XL

Colour: Black, white, ice blue, coral

RRP: £35.00

Website: Helly Hansen Pace Sports Bra


Performance: 9 /10

Value for money: 8 /10


Reviewed by Jan Birkmyre



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