Garmin Edge 1000


Thanks to Halfords we have just taken delivery of the Garmin Edge 1000 and it feels like Christmas has come early, because it has opened a whole new world of data to help us enjoy our cycling and training even more than we were already.


Garmin Edge 1000 mounted on stem


We will come back to you in a few weeks with a detailed review, but for now, we thought we should share our first thoughts on this truly awesome piece of kit.


The Garmin Edge 1000 has come to us from Halfords and it offers all the data that you would find in a top of the range cycling computer, like speed, distance, time elapsed and heart rate but in addition to all of that, the Garmin Edge 1000 offers some really clever stuff including mapping, ascent/descent, gradient, GPS position and can even show you a virtual partner, if you need something to keep you focused.


There is a “performance bundle” upgrade that offers you feedback on cadence and speed, but we have got all of that data by linking to a PowerTap hub, which was on the bike already, with the additional advantage that the Garmin Edge then reads and reports on power data as well.


We love the idea of using the preloaded Garmin cycle maps, which offer round-trip routing for on-road or off-road navigation and can take in points of interest as well.  We reckon this is a great way of finding new routes around your usual stomping ground, or for exploring (and not getting lost!) when on holiday.  You simply put in the distance you want to ride and then choose from three round-trip ride options, with a map and gradient information to help you make that choice.


Garmin Edge 1000 screens


The screen that you see when you are on the bike can be personalised to show you up to 10 different measurements at once and we have been playing with that to get the ultimate feedback whilst we are on the bike.  Once your ride is done, you can download it to your PC and upload data to share if you want.


As if that was not enough, it is super simple to link the Garmin Edge 1000 to a smart phone to get call and text message alerts, without having to scramble to remove your phone from the back pocket of your jersey while you are riding and you can even invite people to follow your progress though LiveTrack, a feature which shows a rider’s position in real time.


We feel like we have only scratched the surface of the capabilities of this amazing little device and look forward to coming back to you shortly with more information and our thoughts on the best functions and features.


If you can’t wait until then, check out your local Halfords store or on line at


At the moment you can expect to pay £395.99 (a 10% discount from retail) for the Garmin Edge 1000, or £449.99 for the performance bundle upgrade, again discounted by 10% from the full retail price.



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