Briko Endure 5.0


The Briko Endure 5.0 glasses we have had on test have surpassed all our expectations in terms of fit, feel, function and features.  We are wondering if we will ever need another pair of glasses for any outside pursuit...


Briko Endure 5.0 with five lenses


We have three pairs of Briko glasses on test at three very different price points, from £49.99 to £119.99.  We have started with the most expensive, the Briko Endure 5.0 because yes, we’re worth it and because given the five lens options that come with these glasses, you are sorted for pretty much everything, across all seasons, on the road, track cycling or mountain biking.  In fact they would work well off the bike too for ski-ing, golf, hiking… the list is pretty much endless.


Before we get into the detail of the lenses though, let’s talk fit because we have been on something of a mission to find glasses that fit and feel secure on smaller heads for a while now.  It has been a frustrating mission at times and our tester tells us she feels like she is forever adjusting her glasses when she is riding and racing – a distraction that she could well do without.


Briko have nailed the fit with an adjustable, super grippy nose piece, in an extremely lightweight, flexible and (they tell us) robust frame made from Grilamid polymer.  We did not sit on these to test the breakability, we liked them too much for that, but we have given them a good bending with no ill effects.


The arms are quite curved, which gives plenty of room for helmet straps and it also means they really only make contact with the head at the ends, where there is a soft rubber grip.  The shape, coupled with the flexibility of the frame, gives a surprisingly secure fit.  We found they stayed put exactly where we placed them regardless of sweat, wind, bumps or effort.


If we are honest, we were sold on these glasses after the first ride because they are so light and felt so secure - we realy didn't need to touch them for the entire ride and that is something we have only very rarely enjoyed before.  But there is more to these glasses than comfort…


Briko Endure 5.0 with hard-shell case


The range of lenses that come with the Briko Endure 5.0 give you options for all terrain and all lighting conditions.  There are five lenses, each of which sits securely in its own slot inside the zipped hard-shell case, and these include:


Glacier Environment: FM6 FILTHRA Silver Flash AF V cat.3

Desert Environment: A9 THRAMA(R) Active 4000 AF V cat.3

Forest Environment: RMG2 THRAMA(R) Revo Metal Green AF V cat.2

Night Environment: FL0 Clear AF V cat.0

Rain Environment: F8 THRAMA(R) Plus 80 AF V cat.0


The two cat 3 lenses are for really bright days and they have been our choice for road rides in the glorious sunny weather we have been enjoying.  Crucially, the optical clarity is fantastic and that is not something we would ever be prepared to compromise on.


The cat 2 lenses are for less bright conditions and make a good option for days when the conditions are changeable and off road riding, when you are in and out of trees.   Finally the cat 0 let the most light through for rainy days, riding indoors or at night.


All of the lens options have ventilation slots around the outer edges and this is coupled with anti-fog treatment worked well for us as they never steamed up, even in wet and humid conditions.  Our tester is a contact lens wearer and professes to be very fussy about her choice of glasses – too much wind around the eyes can be as bad as too little, but she felt that Briko had got it just right with the Endure 5.0.


Briko Endure 5.0 are great looking and incredibly versatile sunglasses, which will work all year round and for all disciplines.  We believe the range of high quality lenses, fit and feel make these worth every penny.


Colour: black/white

RRP: £119.99

Website: - Briko


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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